Local businesses can now connect via IXCardiff, the first of its kind for technology in Wales.

Thanks to London Internet Exchange (LINX), Welsh Government, Cardiff Council and supporting service providers, including Spectrum Internet, we welcome the new Internet Exchange to the capital.

Spectrum Internet was the first in the UK to successfully peer in IXCardiff. Peering is when two or more service provider networks connect via an Internet Exchange to send traffic directly, which helps create efficiencies across business networks. This new Internet Exchange has wide ranging benefits for business communities based in South Wales and South West.

What does this mean for South Wales and South West?

  • Improved efficiencies across your network
  • Improved data transactions with customers
  • Lower costs, thanks to reduced transit costs for local ISPs
  • Increased competitiveness within your market

Join the latest development in technology by connecting to IXCardiff and get the best out of your network for your business this year.

Call us now on 029 200 22 345.

What are the benefits of connecting to IXCardiff?

  • Improved Internet speeds
  • Improved resilience nationally
  • Reduced barriers to entry
  • A digital infrastructure that supports and fosters business growth