1. Who we are

Spectrum Internet is the leading Welsh Internet Service Provider offering unbeatable broadband and Internet solutions for businesses and communities.

If your organisation relies on the Internet for anything from emails and websurfing to cloud-based services and off-site solutions, you need a reliable ISP that provides a consistent service and great support. With us, that’s included in the deal as well as a local and knowledgable team working from our own Cardiff based datacentre. Spectrum was also crowned Communications Provider 2012 in the Federation of Communications Services awards.

For more information on all our services please call us on 029 2002 2345.

As an expert in fibre and wireless installations, Spectrum has achieved broadband connections even when there is no current service through wireless or microwave technology therefore offering alternatives to areas where connectivity is difficult or expensive and a backup solution that is the ultimate in resilience.

We have our own local engineers with both knowledge of the area and ability to offer rapid set up and support. Even temporary connections can be catered for as well as dedicated links between offices on a UK-wide scale.

2. The purpose of the Code

The purpose of this Code of Practice is to provide our customers with information about our business, our contacts and our services.

3. Contact details

Company registered in England and Wales. Company registration number: 07065297.

Registered Office: Riverside Court, Beaufort Park Way, Chepstow, Monmouthshire. NP16 5UH

You can contact us by telephone or email:

General enquiries
T: 029 2002 2345, press 1
E: marketing@spectruminternet.com

Technical support
T: 029 2002 2345, press 2
E: support@spectruminternet.com

T: 029 2002 2345, press 1
E: accounts@spectruminternet.com

All postal correspondence should  be addressed to the relevant department and be sent to:
Riverside Court, Beaufort Park Way, Chepstow, Monmouthshire. NP16 5UH

Spectrum Internet is a member of FCS, UK Trade Association for the communications services industry. For more information, visit their website http://www.fcs.org.uk/Home.aspx

5. Our services

Services may change or be updated from time to time so it it is best to refer to our website www.spectruminternet.com for full descriptions of all the products and services available

However there are general categories that our services will fall into:

  •  Internet Services

Spectrum Internet is an Internet Service Provider. We have a range of competitive tariffs on both Broadband and Internet Services. Details of the service packages are available on our website www.spectruminternet.com

  •  Telephone services

Spectrum Internet offers telephone line rental and call charges to customers. Details are available from our website www.spectruminternet.com

6. Customer Service

6.1. Ordering Products and Services

Spectrum Internet services are available to order through our order forms which are made available by direct contact with our sales team on the telephone numbers provided.

Sales Practices Spectrum Sales staff are expected to behave in a courteous and professional manner at all times. You will not be harassed or pestered and the services we offer will always be appropriate and relevant to your needs. Whether we contact you in person or by telephone you can expect us to deal with your enquiry quickly and efficiently. If you are dissatisfied you can choose to contact the person you spoke with directly, or alternatively speak with their line manager.

6.2. Charges

Full tariff information can be found at www.spectruminternet.com and in our terms and conditions/legal-policies.aspx. Customers can also contact our Accounts or Sales teams to retrieve this information.

The following payment methods are accepted: Direct Debit, Cheque, BACS transfer and Standing Order. Cash payments are not usually accepted but individuals who are able to visit our Chepstow office may be able to come to an agreement directly with our Accounts team.

Full itemisation is available on invoices. An administration charge may be made for this.


If you cannot pay your bill please call 029 2002 2345, press 1 and ask for the Accounts Team. Most of our customers pay on time. It is only fair to them to keep our costs down by insisting that bills are paid promptly. Nevertheless, in cases of genuine financial difficulty, we may be able to help perhaps by extending the time for payment or agreeing payments by instalments.

We will only cease your service as a last resort. We will not cut you off for non-payment while there is a genuine dispute about an unpaid bill for services or charges, but only if you have paid for all charges that are not disputed. In these circumstances we will not disconnect you from the emergency services on 999 or 112.

All products and services are made as a single supply; your account may be suspended or closed if any sum due for a product or service is unpaid or is in arrears.

6.3. Faults

Although we attempt to provide all customers with the best possible service, we cannot guarantee that products and services will never be faulty. However, we will correct all reported faults as soon as we reasonably can.

If there is a fault with your service, you should report it as soon as possible by telephoning 029200 22 345 or e-mailing us at support@spectruminternet.com.

Where applicable, information about the target time to fix faults is covered in the Service Level Agreement for the product in question (this is mainly for business-grade services).

6.4. Complaints

Spectrum Internet’s complaint handling process can be found at /legal-policies.aspx.

In the event that a dispute cannot be resolved through the normal complaints procedure, complaints will be referred to our dispute resolution process. We are registered with CISAS and abide by their dispute resolution process as detailed at http://www.cisas.org.uk.

6.5. Terminating contracts

We reserve the right to disconnect or suspend services in accordance with our terms and conditions, which can be found at /legal-policies.aspx.

Customers have the ability to cancel services by notifying us of service cancellation in writing (email or letter). Minimum term details and notification periods can be found in our terms and conditions /legal-policies.aspx.

7. Your rights/obligations

General terms and conditions can be found at/legal-policies.aspx and product-specific terms and conditions can be found at the Web page relating to the product.

You can find details on how we handle Data Protection in our terms and conditions (see above).

8. Communication with customers

Details on how we communicate with customers can be found in our terms and conditions.

Spectrum adheres to marketing /sales guidance dictated by OFCOM and FCS.

We will make all legal documents available (including this Code of Practice) via the Web, in hard-copy paper format on request, and we will cater for special needs requirements on request.

We will endeavor to use plain English wherever possible.

9. Approval and Review of Code(s)

The code will be reviewed on a regular basis in accordance with OFCOM requirements and alongside our revision of documentation under our Quality Management System.

We hope that this code is useful to our customers. If you spot that anything is wrong, our would like us to provide clearer information about any particular point, please contact us on 029 2002 2345, press 1 or email: marketing@spectruminternet.com