WiFi for towns, public buildings and businesses

Spectrum Internet are suppliers of WiFi for many towns and public buildings and are also supplying this service to businesses too. Spectrum Internet is the supplier of free open high-speed WiFi services to Monmouth Town centre for residents and visitors, which also serves as the world’s first WikiPedia Town called ‘MonmouthPedia’.

MonmouthPedia uses QR codes sited around the whole town at points of interest with plans for a food and history trail too. Visitors can use their smartphones and tablets to read the codes which then take them to a Wikipedia article in their language on the object in question. There are already 1,000 QRpedia codes set up, which include the Shire Hall and Museum, as well as 700 articles written and translated about Monmouth by volunteers – the wifi provided by Spectrum Internet enables access to these articles. The project aims to encourage communityWRU_pms involvement for teaching, learning IT skills and topics from natural history to intergenerational collaborations. This type of project was the first of its kind anywhere in the world. www.monmouthpedia.wordpress.com