Business Class, High-Performance Leased Line Internet Connections

Being connected to the internet is something your business needs to be a success. You need to be in the game all day, everyday. Sharing your broadband connection with businesses around you doesn’t give you the competitive edge.

From sending multiple mammoth files back and forth to someone in another office, to working collaboratively via VoIP or video conferencing across the other side of the world, you need an internet connection that can handle your intense business needs – whatever and whenever. Plus a provider that can handle these requirements, not just convince you to ‘make do’.

A business leased line from Spectrum Internet is allows your organisation to take its business seriously. With a fibre leased line you never have to worry about joining a queue, peak time traffic or limitations. With a leased line from us you get a world class internet connection with grade A support from a Internet Service Provider that knows exactly what you need – give you VIP status and keep you at the front of the queue.

Sometimes, it’s not good to share.

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Your leased line may have to cope with all your online activity but business needs can change quicker than you think. Sometimes, these surges can be short-term but there’s no need to add additional strain to your business.

Exclusively with Spectrum Internet you can flex your bandwidth for those busier periods and only pay the up charge for that time too. It’s like a friendly overdraft without the penalties.

A simple call to us and we’ll turn it up to help you cope with activity spikes during the year with no long term commitment or contract changes.

Uncontended Leased Line Internet connections from Spectrum Internet

Key benefits of a Leased Line

IPv6 Ready

We’re IPv6 ready, so you’ll be ready to connect to websites & services without using complex IPv4 to 6 translation methods. Also you’ll be able to browse the internet without having to NAT behind a device.


We offer flexible bandwidths to suit all of your business needs and scaled to meet your growth requirements. Perfect for any size or type of business.

Support 24/7/365

You can receive technical support 24 hours a day via email or phone. We try to resolve any issues there and then with you, but if we can’t, our in house engineers are available there and then.

No hidden costs

The fixed monthly rental for leased lines is calculated according to the distance between sites. We can talk more about what you pay and what you don’t pay for when you request a quote.

Managed installation

From our local, in house team of Project Managers, Engineers and Support Team available to ensure that your leased line is installed and is up and running on your IT network perfectly.


Enjoy a secure and resilient backbone to your organisation’s communications infrastructure thanks to us. With ours eyes peeled at your network, we’ll know if something goes bump way before you do.

“We recognised the need for a more substantial network infrastructure to provide access to documents and applications to employees and teams across multiple offices. Working with Spectrum Internet has provided the business with much needed assurance that we have the best hardware and most secure service to ensure our business connectivity demands are always met. “

Uncontended managed Leased Line internet Connections from Spectrum Internet


We want you to be 100% clear when it comes to our Leased Lines. That’s why we’ve put together some of the most frequently asked questions we get asked

Ultrafast Leased Line internet connection from Spectrum Internet

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Spectrum Internet is proud to have connected hundreds of businesses across Wales & the South West to the business class broadband service they require.

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