6th April 

Our business is continuing ‘business as usual’ operations and supporting all our client’s needs but due to the reduced workload and restrictions, some of our staff are supporting the business by taking furlough leave.

Please be assured that all departments are operational but your usual contact may not be available at this time so we advise, for the fastest response, that you use our team communication channels as below:

Spectrum Internet clients requiring technical support, please use support@spectruminternet.com or 029 200 22 345 and press option 1. Please respond to any open tickets about the same case as it will provide us with clearer tracking of information.

For Account Management or general enquiries, please email enquiries@nsuk.com or call 029 200 22 345 and choose option 2 or 3

1st April 

In response to the Government’s request to make all calls free to 101 numbers, we have removed any tariffs to customers relating to this number, even if passed on from our carrier. 

In addition to this, we want to support the health and wellbeing of all our customers and have also removed charges to the 0845 46 47 which is the number for citizens in Wales to call for NHS Direct (the number is 111 in England and already free).  

We have made this decision, not just in the light of COVID-19, but as we look to develop welfare-driven and security-minded add-ons to our services. These calls will be free for all customers going forward (Should we believe there is any abuse from a customer we retain the right to revoke this after an investigation, and charge that customer). 

We recently increased our Fraud Protection across all residential customer lines and we will continue to implement security measures to protect the most vulnerable from fraudsters. 

24th March  

The Government’s advice last night (24th March) was to restrict people’s movements as much as possible for the next three weeks in order to control the impact and the spread of the COVID19 virus. 

DCMS has deemed the telecoms industry as one that is critical to remain operational during this time.  Many of the Spectrum Internet staff have been listed as key workers who are needed to carry out necessary journeys to keep our network running smoothly for our customers. We have been given permission for our engineers to work in groups of more than two in a safe capacity (conforming to social distancing advice). Our engineers, contractors and the suppliers we use are receiving daily briefings and changes about health and safety to minimise their risk of contracting the virus whilst at work. 

Our Network consists of some Openreach infrastructure and today they have issued us with a notification known as an MBORC, this means that certain activities will be reduced, and we will also see certain restrictions for the foreseeable future. 

Due to these restrictions, several provisioning activities, such as connecting new customers, making changes to services and repair work, will be impacted and standard delivery times will not apply.  

With immediate effect:  

  • Appointments for new orders will be placed in a queue. Any new orders will be postponed until 1 June 2020, or until further guidance is given. 
  • Openreach will attempt to complete inflight orders outside of the premises to avoid engineers having to enter properties 
  • Orders will continue to go ahead where no visit is required to the premises (such as transfers from another providers or upgrades to Fibre to the Cabinet). 
  • Repair appointments will remain open at this time although Openreach are reviewing non urgent repairs and a further guidance on this as may be required. 
  • Engineers will be asked NOT to enter the end customer’s premises and to enable/restore services where possible from outside the premises. 

Please continue to email support@spectruminternet.com or call on 029 200 22 345 for helpdesk support. Our services to you will continue. 

We urge any vulnerable customers, whether already notified or not, to also get in touch so that we can prioritise your needs, should there be any problems with your service. 

Our ongoing priority is to ensure that all our customers remain connected in these difficult, unprecedented circumstances.