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Spectrum Internet’s DNS Blocking Service provides a robust layer of protection for businesses of all sizes. By using this platform you are able to take advantage of more than eighteen vetted threat intelligence feeds that provide protection against a wide spectrum of threats. This protection is provided for free and with strong privacy.

We’re helping businesses protect themsevles from malcious websites by adding on our Spectrum DNS Blocking service to their system at any point during their contract with us.

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How does Spectrum’s DNS Blocking Service benefit your business?

  • A powerful blocklist: Links clicked on by the user or addressed typed into the browser are automatically cross-checked against the IBM X-Force threat intelligence database (this analysis more than 40 billion websites and tracks an estimated 17 million spam and phishing attacks daily). The system automatically blocks users from entering sites that are known to be infected.
  • Privacy: Some DNS services store things like browsing histories, geographic and ID data for marketing and other purposes. Our DNS Blocking service doesn’t do any of this. No personally identifiable information is stored by the service.
  • Covers multiple devices: Beyond the usual desktop, portable and mobile devices, it can also be used with Internet of Things, e.g. smart thermostats and connected home appliances, so now, even your work fridge is safe from hackers…just not from that someone who keeps stealing your yoghurt!
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We are so pleased to see an ISP helping us lead the way. If all ISPs adopt our services and encourage their customers to follow suit, that greatly advances the mission of the Global Cyber Alliance. It goes without saying that the majoirty of cybercrime uses the internet, so internet providers are an important part of keeping us safe

Andy Bates, Executive Director for the Global Cyber Alliance

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