The Gigabit broadband voucher in South Wales

The Gigabit South Wales broadband voucher scheme allows businesses and organisations in South Wales to finally spread their wings and become a next-generation business.

The Gigabit South Wales broadband voucher scheme allows businesses and organisations in South Wales to finally spread their wings and become a next-generation business thanks to finally being able to have a next-generation broadband connection. As businesses move their data storage to the cloud, and the use of cloud-based apps continues to increase, the pressure on ancient internet connectivity is mounting.

The demand for better broadband is far outstripping current supply of the fastest technology – full fibre broadband. As such, vouchers are being made available for businesses and organisations across the whole of South Wales to claim and pay towards the installation of full fibre technology.

Spectrum Internet is once again taking part in a scheme to install full fibre broadband, to businesses and organisations across the South Wales. We are ready to get South Wales ahead of the digital and technological game and become the most fibred up area of the UK. By claiming your voucher worth up to £2,500, your South Wales business can soon be up and running with bandwidth of up to 1 gigabit per second.

Why go Gigabit full fibre in South Wales?

Gigabit South Wales broadband

The best thing about full fibre business broadband? The ultrafast speeds. Every business needs access to web based applications and ever increasing data stored in the cloud, without any lag or delays. Fibre connections use dedicated lines for upload and for download, so you can have the same speed in both directions. As the demand for uploading data increases, this feature will become more important.

Gigabit South Wales broadband

The technology allows for huge increases in bandwidth compared to copper and wireless technologies. Standard packages for fibre start at 30mbps, which is usually the limit for copper connections. The voucher scheme enables businesses to get 100mbps, and even 1gbps if needed. The technology also makes it cost effective to make further upgrades in the future.

Gigabit South Wales broadband

Conventional connectivity using copper lines (ADSL and Superfast broadband) can be unreliable. Unlike fibre broadband, ADSL and Superfast broadband uses copper lines for all or part of the journey from the exchange to your property. Copper deteriorates over time and distance, which inevitably results in poor service. Your connectivity could also suffer from interference which reduces speeds and prevents you from connecting, making your ability to get online sluggish and unpredictable.

Gigabit South Wales broadband

Fibre isn’t susceptible to magnetic, electrical or other types of interference that plague both copper and wireless technologies. In the modern business, we expect our broadband performance to be the same as, or better than our in-house server access. We need to send and receive larger files faster and more efficiently to and from the internet. A business fibre solution from Spectrum Internet will give you that and more.

“With our full fibre broadband connection from Spectrum Internet we can back up our data in half an hour, which has changed how we work for the better by allowing us to work from anywhere”

Gigabit South Wales Voucher

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