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Enjoy Superfast Home Broadband with no limits, no restrictions and no worries. If you’re looking for broadband that provides your home with a reliable connection to the internet, with customer service and technical support at the end of the line you’ve come to the right place. Choose from either of Spectrum Internet’s Superfast Home Broadband with line rental bundle or just broadband.

All our broadband packages are unlimited with no monthly usage limit. Giving you the chance to browse and download quickly and whenever you want. What’s more the upload packages will get all your pictures and movies uploaded to the cloud in an instant.

Superfast Packages

Pick the best Superfast Home Broadband speeds that will suit you and your family

Superfast Broadband 40/10 On-Net & Telephone Line

Superfast Broadband 80/20 On-Net & Telephone Line

per month
– this includes lines rental

24 Month Contract

  • Up to 40Mbps download speeds**

  • Up to 10Mbps upload speeds**

  • Unlimited usage

  • Only £25.99 activation fee

  • Guaranteed no mid contract price rises

  • Includes free weekend calls to UK landlines or you can upgrade

per month
– this includes lines rental

24 Month Contract

  • Up to 80Mbps download speeds**

  • Up to 20Mbps upload speeds**

  • Unlimited usage

  • Only £25.99 activation fee

  • Guaranteed no mid contract price rises

  • Includes free weekend calls to UK landlines or you can upgrade

*Of course our prices include VAT so what you see is what you’ll pay – there’s nothing hidden.

** We’ll give you the fastest broadband speed that your telephone line can comfortably handle. That’s why we say our speeds are ‘up to’. Your speeds are determined by a number of factors, click here for full explanation.

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Your New Router

Oh So Shiny & New

We want your broadband connection to be its fastest, so we’re offering you a Superfast Broadband router, allowing best-in-class VDSL connectivity.

This router is included in your £25.99 activation fee

Always-online, always-compatible 3G/4G alternative

This router features optional 3G/4G** connectivity as a failover (or alternative) connection to mobile broadband networks in case of DSL outage. Internet trafficsZyXEL broadband router will be temporarily routed through the 3G/4G dongle plugged into the USB port; all traffics will be switched back as soon as the regular broadband service becomes available again.

Superior performance and coverage

The Zyxel VMG1312-B Series features 802.11n technology to provide an ultimate combination for both speed and coverage.

Remote management

This router allows service providers to manage and configure client devices remotely without interfering other end users. This unique feature not only offers true “plug-and-play” experience, but also reduces deployment complexity and saves operating as well as maintenance costs for service providers.


We want you to be 100% clear when it comes to our Superfast Home Broadband and phone line packages. That’s why we’ve put together some of the most frequently asked questions we get asked.

Superfast and Full Fibre Home Broadband from Spectrum Internet
Full Fibre Home Broadband from South Wales based ISP Spectrum internet

What’s the deal with ‘up to’?

We’ll always give you the fastest speed that your line is capable of. The estimated range we provide you with before you sign, is based on the typical speed range for 80% of our customers but you may find your actual speeds will vary slightly from this.

Our Basic Broadband and Superfast Broadband services are provided over your telephone line. Your telephone line is made from copper and can affect the speed you receive. That’s why we say our speeds for these products are ‘up to’.

We care

Help is only down the road.

With an award winning team to help you through even the stickiest situation.

We promise that every question we get will be answered, either by our great Helpdesk staff or by our knowledgeable and experienced technicians.

Discover more about Spectrum Internet.

“People are always amazed by the speed of our internet. They can’t believe how quick it is because they are used to such slow broadband out here. We love it!”

Ian Button, Pitton Cross Camp Site, Rhossilli

Not sure why you need Superfast Home Broadband?

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