Connecting Llanvaches to full fibre broadband

Llanvaches, we’re putting ultrafast full fibre broadband into your community

We are working within your community to give you broadband you and your family deserve; full fibre broadband.

No longer will you have to wait for films and music to download, you can now work productively and effectively from home and have peace of mind that your whole family can be online all t once doing whatever they need to do. Your full fibre broadband connection will handle everyone’s needs perfectly.

“We’ve been deprived of good broadband for many years, struggling with just 1Mbps speeds. All this has changed thanks to Spectrum’s innovative way of delivering ultrafast broadband to Shirenewton Primary School.”

Jayne Edwards, Executive Head Teacher, Shirenewton Primary School.

Llanvaches community full fibre broadband plan

We’re really excited to get your homes connected to full fibre broadband, but sadly it’s not something that happens over night. But not to worry, we have a plan.

Below is a timeline of everything we have to do, each milestone will be communicated to you either by ourselves or by your lovely community champion. That way you are kept in the loop of where we are, what we’re doing and how well we’re doing it.

  • We’re gathering as much interest as possible from businesses and residents in Llanvaches.

  • While we are gathering interest our contractors will be doing an indepth survey of Llanvaches and the surronding area.

  • Wayleave, section 50’s  are applied for and communication with the landowners will be taking place while the survey is taking place.

  • Once the indepth survey is complete we can start apply for vouchers and sending out contracts. Looking at phase 1 and 2 first then moving onto phase 3.

  • Installation of our fibre will start while we are sending out contracts and applying for vouchers.

  • Main installation ends and the inhouse installation starts.

  • Your fibre’d up and ready to go!

Meet your community champ

David DanielYour community champ
Your community champion is David Daniel, he is your local community champion in Llanvaches who is keeping his eyes peeled and ears to the ground for all of you and for us.

If you’d like to get in touch with David about the community scheme you can do that via email.

Full fibre broadband packages for you

Choose from fast to the fastest Spectrum full fibre broadband speeds & watch your broadband take off. All our packages below include VAT.


per month for the first 6 months


per month for remaining 6 months of your contract

12 Month Contract

  • Up to 100Mbps download speeds

  • Up to 30Mbps upload speeds


per month for the first 6 months


per month for remaining 6 months of your contract

12 Month Contract

  • Up to 100Mbps download speeds

  • Up to 100Mbps upload speeds


per month for the first 6 months


per month for remaining 6 months of your contract

12 Month Contract

  • Up to 500Mbps download speeds

  • Up to 500Mbps upload speeds


per month for the first 6 months


per month for remaining 6 months of your contract

12 Month Contract

  • Up to 1Gb download speeds

  • Up to 1Gb upload speeds

The first six months of your contract is at our special Spectrum Internet price offer. After six months your contract price will increase.

*Router is free when you take out your contract with us. Full router price is currently £150, this price will apply if you wish to take out a new router during your contract.

Click here to view our full terms & conditions

Your new router

Oh so shiny & new

We want your broadband connection to be at its fastest,  all of the time. That’s why we’re offering you a ultrafast broadband router, ideal for full fibre broadband connections. So, everyone in your home will really be getting all the benefits of full fibre broadband from this little beauty.

This router is included in your £99 activation fee.

Full Fibre Business Broadband Router

Who are Spectrum Internet?

We aren’t one of those internet giants who use chatbots and huge call centres to deal with our customers.

We’re based in Cardiff and have real people ready to answer your questions, queries and everything else in between.

We’re local, we aren’t everywhere and anywhere, and that’s exactly how we like it. We have a presence in South Wales and the South West of England, helping homes, communities and businesses get the broadband connection they deserve.

We literally go the extra meters installing our own infrastructure and trialling new methods of delivering connectivity to bring speeds up to date for communities and businesses.

Spectrum isn’t just sitting around waiting for the fibre, we are literally putting it in the ground ourselves. Because speed’s in our nature, and we just hate waiting!

community full fibre broadband, turtle with rocket strapped to his shell

Contact us

If you’d like to register your interest in the full fibre broadband installation project in Llanvaches you can do so by filling our the form. This will give us an indication of how many homes and businesses in your community are interested in us installing full fibre broadband into the property. Once we get enough interest we can start the fibre ball rolling!

Want to chat to us? Not a problem simple give us a call on 029 200 22 345 and speak to the Spectrum team.

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