5 True or False Facts You Should Know About Broadband

Go back a decade and only a quarter of a million UK customers had a broadband connection.


The market has grown beyond recognition from those early days, but with it a number of myths have grown too – we take a look at some of the top myths about business broadband.

1. When superfast broadband comes to my area I’ll automatically get upgraded

False, I’m afraid – and you may find that your current provider of a snail-like service isn’t able to offer you a faster speed.  So if you ask them, they’ll say it’s not available.

Unfortunately the UK doesn’t have a single website where you can find all providers for any given location, but our best advice would be to check samknows.com first, and also Superfast Cymru if you are based in Wales.

2. It’s all BT anyway, right?

False. The UK benefits from a number of ‘Alt Nets.’ Many of these are regional so you’ll want to find out who is active in your area.

What’s more:

They may also offer more innovative solutions such as wireless broadband, or even fibre based solutions in areas BT doesn’t.

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3. Superfast broadband costs more than ‘normal broadband’

True. However, it’s not that much more and the benefits to your business outweigh the small monthly increase.

No wonder:

It’s like expecting a ten year old budget car to perform like a brand new luxury saloon…you get what you pay for.

4. There’s no difference in buying a residential package to a business package

False…in most cases. We’d agree that we’ve seen examples of some ISP’s that charge more for practically the same, but why not ask for a comparison from them?

You should find there are differences such as static IP’s, better quality routers and a business-friendly help desk team. If not, then perhaps you should keep looking, or try us.

Want to connect your business with the fastest
speeds available for you?

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5. I don’t think my business will see any of the ‘benefits’ that everyone talks about

Most likely false. Spectrum Internet has supplied one-man-band businesses, to 20 strong media-industry companies. All have reported significant improvements to their businesses as a result.

You can read their success stories here.

Those are some of the top questions we at Spectrum Internet have had to answer that many potential customers have asked us. If you have any questions about your business broadband we’d love to here from you. Get in touch.