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Superfast FTTC broadband isn’t getting any faster

Superfast FTTC broadband is part copper, and copper isn't getting any faster 94.8%. Yup, that’s the percentage of Wales covered by Superfast FTTC broadband (https://labs.thinkbroadband.com/local/wales) Superfast FTTC broadband is “fibre to the cabinet”. That means that if you’re in a Superfast area then you have fibre running from your exchange to your little

Gigabit broadband voucher – Step by step

Your Gigabit broadband voucher: Step by step Everything you need to know about the Gigabit broadband voucher, from ordering and installing Your business deserves to be the fastest and ready for future technology, that's why you've decided to claim your UK Government Gigabit broadband voucher. But how does it work? What do you have

Cardiff Internet Exchange: The Benefits

Cardiff Internet Exchange: The benefits of keeping it local Internet Exchanges (IX) are key elements of the internet infrastructure that enable networks to exchange traffic with each other. Many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can connect at a single IX, creating the potential for a range of technical and economic benefits for the local internet

Top FAQs we get about fibre broadband

Full fibre broadband, it's the future Leagues quicker than superfast, we’re rolling out our ultrafast full fibre broadband. New fibre technologies mean that in certain areas we can already offer speeds of 100Mbps or more – even as fast as 1Gbps. So that means you can download a film while also uploading pictures or

Welsh Government gigabit broadband top up

Welsh Government gigabit broadband top up! Spectacular news for Welsh businesses and homes who can now claim gigabit broadband voucher for £5,500 thanks to Welsh Government top up. The Welsh Government has today topped up the DCMS gigabit broadband voucher with an extra £3,000 for businesses and £300 for homes in Wales to help

Choosing a broadband provider – checklist

Broadband provider checklist Make sure you choose the right broadband provider that suits your business needs Establish what your business needs. Will you be connecting a single computer or your entire network? Evaluate how much data you need to upload. Cloud computing and remote access services tend to require good

What you can do with a Gigabit

Gigabit speeds, what can I do exactly? You know you can do a lot with a gigabit, everyone knows a gigabit means you can do more, quicker. But what exactly can you do in your business? and how much does your business take up with the business-y stuff you do? Take a look at

Calculate your business bandwidth

Factors you need to consider when calculating bandwidth needs You can print this worksheet and use it to predict what’s ahead in terms of network traffic. With a bit of thoughtful planning, you can make sure that bandwidth hogs like VoIP video calls won’t slow down your internet to the point that you can’t get other