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Data Privacy in the New Decade

Data Privacy Day January 28th As we approach Data Privacy Day 2020, it is important to reflect on these great leaps forward in relation to Data Privacy. However, in the last decade we have also seen giant data breaches. In 2013, Target was subject to a data breach in that exposed 40 million pounds in credit and debit card

Why Your Business Needs a Firewall

Why Your Business Needs a Firewall What is a Firewall? At its most basic, a firewall is a defensive mechanism against unwanted traffic. This is a crucial layer of security, that should be implemented as a part of a multi layered defence system.  The firewall itself is designed to prevent or reduce instances of unwanted, unauthorised network communications,

Chepstow Shop Local

Chepstow Shop Local To celebrate Small Business Saturday on the 7th December, we'd like to share this with you all. We visited all the wonderful independent shops in Chepstow. So here is a message from their local businesses and ours. Thank you to everyone who got involved in the video, we loved meeting you

Shop Local: Six Reasons Why You Should

Shop Local: Six Reasons Why You Should It is widely known that shopping locally can benefit your local community. However, what many don’t know is how shopping local, as an individual or a business can help the overall economy of the United Kingdom. According to the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), at the start of

Phishing: What is it and How to Avoid Being Caught Hook, Line, and Sinker

Phishing: What is it and How to Avoid Being Caught Hook, Line, and Sinker What is Phishing Phishing is defined as ‘the fraudulent practice of sending emails purporting to be from reputable companies in order to induce individuals to reveal personal information’. This personal information could be your credit card details, online banking password,

What is Spectrum’s DNS Blocking Service, and why you should Opt-In?

What is Spectrum’s DNS Blocking Service, and why you should Opt-In? This month is National Cyber Security Awareness Month and therefore a good time to ensure that your business has a layered defense to be fully protected from cyber threats. These threats can occur from something as simple as an employee opening a link

Spectrum Internet DNS Blocking Myth Busters

Spectrum Internet DNS Blocking Spectrum Internet DNS Blocking service is free, and provides end users a DNS filtering service which blocks criminal sites such as malware distribution locations, phishing destinations, botnet command and control, and other systems which are harmful to end users and network elements. While providing security, Spectrum Internet DNS Blocking also

Could you be our next project?

Could you be our next project? Following a busy weekend at Momouthshire Agricultural Show, we have had many enquiries about our community projects and what they are about. So many of us across South Wales and South West England live in communities where the broadband is sub-par – especially in the technology-centric world we live