Baroness Neville-Rolfe visits The Maltings

Spectrum Internet, the leading superfast broadband provider in Wales for the Superfast Connection Voucher scheme, met with Baroness Neville-Rolfe to demonstrate how superfast broadband has helped The Maltings.

The Maltings, a multi-tenant office site in Cardiff powered by Spectrum Internet, has seen its broadband speeds improve ten-fold.

Seeking to understand how Spectrum has helped SMEs, Gareth Oram, Office Manager of The Maltings provided a guided tour of the building to the Baroness to demonstrate how Spectrum has helped the grade II listed building flourish and double in office space as a result of its speedy broadband facilities of up to 1Gbps.

Lady Neville-Rolfe was interested to see and hear about how Spectrum has been one provider impacting 1200 SMEs in Cardiff, including The Maltings, and was able to comprehend the difficulties businesses could face without suitable amenities.

Daniel Lewis who is the CEO of Digital Profile, a digital start-up, talked to the Minister and said: “funding from the Government through the Superfast Connection Voucher scheme has benefitted my businesses not just through fast Internet speeds, but also through productivity and efficiency levels that were inhibited by the slow Internet speeds we were experiencing.”

Indeed, superfast broadband has proven to be critical to the start-up of Digital Profile and has helped thousands of other businesses across the UK, particularly South Wales and the South West thanks to Spectrum.

As Giles Phelps, the Managing Director of Spectrum Internet highlighted to the Baroness: “The Maltings is one of the first multi-tenant sites we’ve worked on and it has proven to be a huge success, so much so that we have received lots of demand from landlords to improve their broadband through the voucher scheme as well.”

Since her visit, the Baroness has informed Spectrum that she was “very glad to hear the positive feedback from the building manager, the supplier and the applicants alike.”  She also took a particular interest in the services Spectrum has provided for ‘not spot’ residential areas as she claims that her Internet service in her local area is poor.  Perhaps Spectrum will look to expanding our home broadband services there in the future!

Baroness Neville-Rolfe with Daniel Lewis, CEO of Digital Profile, who were funded by Spectrum through the Superfast Connection Voucher scheme.