Be Aware Of The BT Technical Support Scam

We are aware that bogus callers supposing to be from BT are active and would like to remind all of our customers of the need to be careful when dealing with cold callers.

In the latest example, the caller informs that BT needs to disconnect the customers’ internet access for a few months (Regardless of whether BT are the service provider). At this point, the caller will offer an alternative service that can be activated by following a number of instructions on their internet connection equipment.

This is an alternative of another reported scam in which the callers ask for remote access to your computer for support purposes, and proceed to use the access to gather further data (personal and financial), or disable the computer so they can demand a fee to get it working again.

If you receive a call that resembles any of the above scenarios, we urge you to end the call and call your Internet service provider back on the number stated on their website or in correspondence you have received from them. Do not assume that if a cold caller provides you with a call back number that it is genuine.

Spectrum Internet would never call customers without prior warning in this manner.

If you are a Spectrum Customer and receive a call like the one described, please end the call and contact us directly on the support number, 029 200 22 345, to verify whether the communication has indeed come from us.