3 reasons why business broadband connectivity is better than a residential service

It’s a fact. It doesn’t matter what your business is, you need great business broadband connectivity to do more and go further.

You might question why you would need to invest in a connection from a specialist business broadband provider rather than using the one that supplies your internet at home. So, to help you, here are three reasons why a business broadband service is better than a service designed for residents:

1. Optimised for business use

The type of internet connection you choose, whether that’s fibre broadband or Ethernet, will ultimately determine the speeds you receive. However, opting for a business broadband provider will ensure that your traffic is prioritised over residential users and speeds won’t be impacted.

Your data is essentially run on a network that is preferable for business use. Even during peak times, such as when people finish work and log into Netflix, you can rest assured that your broadband performance won’t suddenly slow down, because business traffic is managed and prioritised.

business broadband connectivity

2. Enhanced SLAs

If your home broadband connection develops a fault, you often have to wait a couple of days for an effective resolution or fix. Although it can sometimes be annoying not being able to log on to Facebook or check your emails, it is not detrimental. When it comes to businesses, however, access to the internet is often business-critical and any loss of service can result in missed opportunities. A recent study revealed that the cost of lost productivity due to downtime annually per employee was £494. So it really does add up, and hit the bottom line.

Business broadband connectivity providers understand the danger of IT downtime and will react far quicker than a residential provider, often providing high service level agreements (SLAs). By providing around-the-clock support, it ensures that in the unlikely event of an issue, it can be fixed quickly and with minimal disruption.

business broadband connectivity

3. Future in mind

When choosing a connectivity solution, you cannot simply think about today’s requirement, you have to consider tomorrow’s too. The rise of cloud-based applications, such as Office 365 and VoIP, means that the connection you choose today could determine how competitive your business is in the months and years to come.

When your business experiences growth, you need to have a flexible solution in place that can be quickly upgraded to ensure minimum disruption to your business. Using business-grade broadband gives you this flexibility and allows you to scale up (or down), according to your requirements.

The Government has funded numerous campaigns in cities across the UK to enable them to become Gigabit cities. Spectrum Internet is helping businesses in Bristol and Bath to become gigabit capable with the Government funded Gigabit Voucher Scheme, https://gigabitvoucher.culture.gov.uk/. Cardiff will soon be getting in on the action with funding available from 2018 onwards.

We are offering businesses the chance to upgrade their connectivity with a voucher worth up to £3,000 from the Government. To find out more about the voucher scheme and how Spectrum Internet can help you and your business click here, https://spectruminternet.com/gigabit-bristol-broadband-voucher/

business broadband connectivity
business broadband connectivity