Reading Between the Lines

Let’s start with a joke – you may have heard it before:

Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Broadband who?
Broadband is a complete joke in my area

It’s not funny.

And it’s really not funny if that’s the punch line you find yourself in time after time.

But why when politicians keep spouting that Britain is one of the fastest countries in Europe do we at Spectrum regularly get calls from businesses stuck on the slow speeds?

The answer is just as unfunny as the joke. Business owners often don’t understand how to access the different types of services available.

It’s not their fault. Between broadband adverts for consumers on TV by the mass market ISP’s and poor or misleading  information on the web about availability and providers it’s hardly surprising. You shouldn’t need to be an expert if it’s not your business to be. We all make know how to make phone calls and send text messages but the majority of us actually have no idea how it works.
Well Spectrum Internet is looking to clean up the industry, especially in the South West of England and South Wales where it has helped hundreds of businesses change the punch line.

Who’s there?
Spectrum Internet – they may not be big but they supplied a fast broadband service when bigger providers couldn’t and now they look after most of the businesses in the area.

Now that’s funny!