Cardiff Businesses set to soar with new Super Connected Broadband

Businesses in Cardiff have this week been experiencing broadband speeds that they’ve never had before.

Thanks to the Super Connected Cardiff scheme, managed by Cardiff Council, local businesses are getting a voucher up to £3000 for a free connection to superfast broadband and experiencing huge improvements to their speeds; in some cases going from 2Mbps increasing to speeds up to 1Gbps.

Companies in both Multi-tenanted buildings and individual premises can apply regardless of where they are located in Cardiff. Gareth Jones, Property Manager of ‘Business in Focus said “the scheme is fantastic, before it was simply too expensive to bring high speed broadband in to the building. Now, thanks to the funding, we have a new superfast connection which will both transform the way our tenants are working and appeal to prospective tenants”.

The service is being supplied by Welsh Internet Supplier, Spectrum Internet, who run their own fibre optic network in Wales. The local ISP, known for their work in ‘not spot’ areas, are giving business areas of Cardiff that are poorly served with broadband similar assistance.

Giles Phelps, Managing Director said “Our wireless solution is proving particularly popular in Cardiff, our networks have a range of up to 35 miles with line of sight which can be used to link offices in different locations. It’s a particularly cost effective solution offering fast speeds for multi-tenant buildings and business parks”. The ISP is offering affordable high speed packages for SMEs with speeds up to 1Gbps from £50 a month.

One of the local companies to benefit from their new wireless connection is recruitment specialists IntaPeople. Rob Samuel, IT Manager said “As a business, we share the Internet between 30 members of staff which used to make the connection barely usable”.  He added “Since the high speed link has been installed staff efficiency has greatly improved with tasks such as downloading CVs and accessing job boards done in a fraction of the time. We are now able to simultaneously run video interviews and conference calls without having to worry about degrading the internet for others. The new connection has improved staff morale and motivation considerably”. The local business is now set to expand their services and is planning to add increased functionality to their website including online timesheets and video CV uploads.

Cardiff is one of the first 10 cities in the UK to become ‘super-connected’ as part of the Government’s multi-million pound investment in ultrafast broadband. The city has been awarded £10.2m from the Government’s Urban Broadband Fund (UBF) which is expected to accelerate the city’s economic competitiveness. The scheme is due to finish in 2015. 

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