Cat5-i Car Internet to Launch in South Wales

Spectrum Internet, Wales’ largest independent internet service provider, is set to bring super-fast fibre broadband direct to your car with its Cat5-i technology.

In secret beta testing for the last few months with the Council, Spectrum Internet is today turning on the first stretches of their Cat5-i network in Cardiff.

Giles Phelps, Managing Director of Spectrum Internet, said;

“We’re re-inventing car communications. We’ve got cars with net connections now, but they’re slow, running off 3G if you’re lucky. You drive in to a low signal area and they drop out. So how do you solve this?”

“It turns out, we have.”

Cat5-i will enable any vehicle on the road today to instantly connect to a super-fast fibre connection.

The technology uses the existing network of cat’s eye retroreflective safety devices that are on all roads across the UK, Spectrum Internet is using it’s innovative ‘micro-trenching’ to connect each cat’s eye with fibre-optic cabling in the road (Known as FTTM or Fibre-to-the-metal).

Thanks to the advanced roaming capability, Cat5-i instantly hands off session information from one cats eye to the next with zero lag.

Utilising the company’s existing cabling has been successfully used to bring super-fast fibre connections to homes, businesses across the UK including the recent connections at Shirenewton Primary School in Monmouthshire and The Coal Exchange in Cardiff Bay. Spectrum Internet engineers have been able to expand the Company’s network ready for the Cat5-i launch.

Giles Phelps commented at the launch that;

“Cat5-i is like magic. Bill Gates famously said “The advance of technology is based on making it fit in so that you don’t really even notice it, so it’s part of everyday life.” This is what we have achieved with Cat5-i. You won’t notice our FTTM, or even know it’s there. You’ll just have the magic of being able to stream 4K movies directly to your device in your car, with no buffering. Pretty neat huh?”

You’ll be able to access the Cat5-i network across Cardiff today, through any mobile device and Spectrum Internet have plans to expand this reach soon.

“We’ll be switching on Cat5-i in Bristol shortly, thanks to our latest contract to commercialise Bristol City Council’s BNET infrastructure. With further weekly switch on’s across the UK.”