Don’t experience any broadband horror stories this Halloween!

Familiar with broadband horror stories or ghastly connectivity? Yes? Then you’ll understand that a poor connection can cause your business to slow down or even come to a halt…

At Spectrum Internet, we recognise that resilient connectivity is the heart and soul of your business. Its pulse races through the every fibre of your organisation – from the email orders you receive to your e-billing system, it crosses the different cities in which you work and collaborate.

That’s where Spectrum Internet can help you… we’re the Ghost Busters of Internet ghouls, here to scare away the “nasties” and eliminate your business connectivity concerns with a Spectrum Optic solution! We provide:

Support as you need it

Supporting you with personalised account management and an expert technical team that are empowered to resolve your queries, we’re equipped to provide your business with the backup it needs. You’ll never reach a call centre, just real people with real experience on how to help you through any situation.

Reliability with resilience at its core

With over ten years’ experience in offering critical business services, we’ve built a robust backbone using global carriers from transit and IX peering arrangements to guarantee low latency, minimum jitter and packet loss.

Improved communication = increased productivity

Enjoy exclusive use of your dedicated synchronous bandwidth at all times, with flexibility to scale up if your user demands change or your business grows.

Experts in mitigating services

No need to experience a bumpy rollercoaster ride, expect a smooth transition to Spectrum Internet with our dedicated team on hand even before your connection goes live.

Complete reassurance

Proactively monitored with reassuring and stringent 99.99% service level agreements that are financially backed.

With Spectrum Internet there will be no tricking this Halloween, only treats as you sit back and relax knowing that your business broadband is secure, supported and free from spooks and scares.