EU Referendum: The Internet erupts in wake of the UK’s decision

Wales’ largest independent Internet Service Provider, Spectrum Internet discovered a surge of UK internet traffic this morning due to the results of the EU referendum. The traffic was double what it would normally be during the night, when usually businesses back up their data. Last night saw additional traffic due to customers being awake and online.

72% of the UK headed to their local polling station yesterday – the highest turnout since 1992. Giles Phelps, Managing Director of Spectrum Internet said, “It’s not surprising to see internet traffic rise during such a significant event, but to see it double after midnight is very impressive.”

The highest spike of users was at 9am following David Cameron’s resignation as Prime Minister, “Cameron’s decision to resign as Prime Minister was the highest surge of traffic we reported over the EU referendum.”

Reports show that 41% of UK adults now consume their news via social media and news websites, so having a reliable connection is now fundamental to both media companies and the public for delivering messages instantly on events as they happen.