February, the month of love

We’ll share our love for fibre broadband with you, so you too can fall head over heels in love with fibre broadband

This February we want to let everyone know what we love the most. Can anyone guess what it is? Our true love this February is our love for fibre!

No, we don’t mean that we love pasta and bread, not that kind of fibre – don’t get us wrong that stuff is great, but our true love is what we put in the ground and what we provide services for…fibre broadband!

Digging for his love fibre broadband

So, why do we love putting fibre in the ground?

We love walking the walk and talking the talk when it comes to putting fibre in the ground around South Wales and the South West. We want to make sure that as many businesses and homes as possible can access amazingly spectacular broadband speeds that will allow them to enjoy so much more than what a copper broadband connection can offer them.

A fiber-optic Internet installation can offer numerous benefits to business IT pros and landlords. Due to the relative newness of this technology, you may be wondering if the benefits outweigh the cost or cons. While a fiber connectivity is a much newer technology than broadband Internet on copper cable, many businesses have found significant higher returns on their investment in fiber.

Why should businesses love fibre broadband

Fiber-optic connectivity can lend a great advantage to companies of all sizes, particularly organizations who use the cloud for apps or data storage. Fiber coupled with VoIP is a powerful combination for business communications. In this blog, you’ll learn 11 major ways why your business should love a fibre connection.

1. Be the fast not the furious

Fiber is many times faster than even the highest-speed copper connections. During periods of high demand for internet access, your business should not notice your broadband slowing down.

Research by Sandisk indicates that slow Internet connections cost employees “one week per year of productivity.” The time your teams spend waiting on slow internet can seem minor, it adds up significantly over time. Your internet connectivity should never inhibit productivity. It should be a tool that supports your employees’ desire to work productively.

2. May the force be with you

With copper broadband connectivity the strength of the signal will degrade over distance and over time. So, the further away from your little green street cabinet you are, and the longer the copper has been in the ground, you can say goodbye to fast, reliable broadband for your business. Now, if you have fibre going straight to your office front door (metaphorically speaking), it’s going to stay fast for so much longer than copper. Fibre doesn’t degrade over distance or over time. That’s why we always tell our customers and businesses than fibre is the future, but it’s not going anywhere.

3. Money, Money, Money

Fast Internet is a productivity tool for businesses.

As mentioned above, eliminating speed issues could result in a week’s worth of productivity increases each year. If your business suffers from unreliable connectivity due to region or weather, you could be losing thousands of pounds each year. Productivity issues that are directly attributed to slow or unreliable Internet could disappear with fibre.

Perhaps more importantly, your business will gain flexibility and scalability with fiber internet connectivity. If your IT team is hoping to move more applications and services to the cloud, a fiber connection can support these initiatives. Software-as-a-service (SaaS), cloud storage, and VoIP are all business services that have enormous potential for cost savings and benefit significantly from fiber connectivity.

How to fall in love with fibre too

Lucky businesses across the UK are eligible for a Gigabit broadband voucher. This voucher gives businesses money towards the installation and the activation of the fibre going into their business. Before you fall head over heels in love with fibre, you should check out what speed you need to go with our free downloadable worksheet.

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