Full fibre broadband, it’s the future

Leagues quicker than superfast, we’re rolling out our ultrafast full fibre broadband. New fibre technologies mean that in certain areas we can already offer speeds of 100Mbps or more – even as fast as 1Gbps. So that means you can download a film while also uploading pictures or videos to social media, or working from home. All with no drop in quality.

Top full fibre broadband questions

I already have fibre broadband, don’t I?

You many already think you have full fibre broadband but what some providers call ‘fibre broadband’ today is in fact only fibre to the street cabinet. Many Internet Service Providers call their FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) fibre broadband…quick is kind of is, but not really. We call our fibre broadband, ultrafast full fibre broadband which is 100% pure Welsh fibre connection from your exchange to your home.

So, put simply, full fibre broadband is real fibre broadband with a fibre optic connection all the way from the exchange into your home.

Why full fibre?

Full fibre is ultrafast, future-proof and more reliable. Superfast (FTTC) broadband might be working fine for you now, but it degrades, over distance and over time. So you may have Superfast speeds right now but those speeds aren’t going to last. It’s time to think full fibre before you’re stuck with super slow speeds.

Spectrum Internet ultrafast full fibre broadband is true fibre broadband. It delivers broadband as fast as any in the world. With mind-blowing ultrafast speeds of 100Mbps, 500Mbps, and 1000mbps you’ll always have the best speeds for your devices, whether that’s business use or home use. Going ultrafast means when everybody starts to do more things online like watching TV, making video calls, working, gaming and more, screens won’t freeze, jump or stop like they might have done before.

As things like Smart TVs, tablets and mobiles improve, they’ll depend more and more on a strong, fast and stable connection.  A full fibre connection is future-proof  because it has the capacity to handle all the demands thrown at is for decades to come.

It sounds expensive. Is it?

If anything, Spectrum full fibre broadband costs exactly, if not cheaper than any Openreach connection. The same as older cable broadband but you’ll get faster speeds for your money.  Our highest speeds will cost more but even our slower speeds are faster that our competitors. Check out or Full fibre projects here and see if you’re in our area. Don’t worry if you’re not, let us know and we can come to you.

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