Why a Financially Backed SLA is a Must

When the internet connection goes down at work, it usually brings everything to halt.

In today’s connected world, this presents a very real challenge to businesses.

We rely so much on our connections to enable us to send email, market our services and do business with our customers.

To make a point:

Downtime can have an immediate cost impact for SMEs, with a loss of productivity and resulting revenue.

Unfortunately, this scenario isn’t uncommon. With a recent report highlighting that SMEs can experience an average of 45 minutes of downtime each week. Estimates speculate that this can equal more than £500 in lost revenue per employee, per year, in lost productivity.

How can businesses mitigate their losses due to downtime?

One way is to ensure that when you purchase your broadband or managed service connections, you have a financially backed SLA (service level agreement.)

Employee working on a laptop using a business broadband connection

Compensating You When Service Availability is not as Agreed

Simply stated:

A financially backed service level agreement compensates you if the service is not available for the agreed amount of time.

Whilst the broadband market is competitive, many smaller internet service provider (ISP’s) seem to opt for offering low cost services rather than broadband options that match business user’s needs.

As reliance on broadband increases exponentially, businesses have responded to the fact that reliability is a key element when choosing a provider.

Best of all:

Spectrum Internet has a financially backed SLA for its on net Business Broadband services, such as Fibre Broadband and Managed broadband.

We are so confident of our network up time that we compensate our customers if the service is not available for 99% of the time.

Whether you’re already thinking about how to upgrade your business broadband, or are just in the planning stage, having an SLA that compensates you for downtime is critical to your business performance.

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