‘Five Years of Impact’: Happy Anniversary Global Cyber Alliance

We are a proud partner of the Global Cyber Alliance, and we couldn’t be happier to celebrate their fifth anniversary. Back in November 2017, Spectrum Internet and the GCA became partners:

“We are so pleased to see an ISP helping us lead the way. If all ISPs adopt our services and encourage their customers to follow suit, that greatly advances the mission of GCA. It goes without saying that the majority of cybercrime uses the internet, so internet providers are in an important part of keeping us safe.”  Andy Bates, Executive Director for the Global Cyber Alliance.

So in order to celebrate with the GCA today, we’re are going to answer all your questions about who they are and what they have achieved in their five years. If you’d like to see their timeline of achievements, go to the link below:

So, where did the GCA start?

‘GCA started as a scrappy nonprofit of a few people with a big idea: reduce systemic cyber risk. The organization was blessed with influential founders – the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, the City of London Police, and the Center for Internet Security (CIS) with the gift of seed funding thanks to the Manhattan DA and a handful of passionate people who were determined to make things happen. Since those first days, GCA has swelled its ranks to include a full executive team, regional directorates, a development team, a marketing and communications team, and a business team. We are a diverse group of people located across North America and Europe with varied backgrounds – all with a drive to make the world a better place.’

What is the their vision?

‘GCA has a big vision: a secure and trustworthy Internet. An Internet that is reliable and that enables social and economic progress for everyone – no matter who or where they are. Our mission is to reduce cyber risk and improve our connected world. Will we ever achieve this vision? I hope so. We live our mission every day with programs and projects that are making a difference.’

What is Quad-9?

‘Quad9 is a prime example of big thinking and collaboration. GCA built and launched (in November 2017) this protective DNS service in collaboration with IBM and Packet Clearing House. Now its own nonprofit organization, Quad-9 is a free, privacy preserving, global service that blocks access to malicious sites, significantly limiting/reducing the impact of phishing and malicious software. Since its initial launch, Quad9 has grown to include a presence on six continents, in 90 countries, and in 150 cities blocking access to malicious sites an average of 60 million times each day.

We’ve calculated that global use of Quad9 or other protective DNS services could save approximately $150-200 billion per year.’

What does the future hold for the Global Cyber Alliance?

‘Looking farther down the road, GCA continues to work on projects that have global reach and impact. Among them are IoT security – GCA continues its work on the Automated IoT Defence Ecosystem (AIDE). We are also investigating routing security and how to improve trustworthiness in the domain name system (DNS). And we continue our quest with metrics – both how to evaluate the impact of the projects we take on and how to measure cybersecurity health so that as a community we can make better, more informed decisions about what will reduce cyber risk.

It’s been five amazing years. But this is just the beginning. Join us and help us as we navigate the next five years of doing big things to make the Internet a better place. Do Something. Measure It. Here’s to the next five years!’

We at Spectrum Internet hope that you have enjoyed celebrating the GCA’s fifth anniversary today, and learnt a bit more about who they are and what they do. If you would like to find out more about Spectrum Internet’s DNS Blocking Service, which is powered by Quad-9, please visit the link below.