Get Yourself a Better Digital Life in 2017

This year we thought it might be apt to suggest a few digital New Year’s Resolutions because so much of our lives are spent online these days. We asked the guys at Spectrum Internet to come up with the best New Year’s Resolutions that might help to make your better digital life a bit simpler, safer and even healthier in 2017.

1. Install an Ad-blocker. A lot of malicious code is injected into unwanted adverts on websites. Every been to a downloads website? So many download buttons but which is the correct one?

2. Learn some useful keyboard shortcuts? Such as CTRL+Shift+T. Opens your most recently closed tab. Great if you’ve accidentally closed a tab.

3. Enough of the 123 passwords. It’s time to learn how to remember phrases, sentences and symbols. One of the reasons people don’t want to use symbols instead of letters – guilty as charged is because we are all really good at forgetting. In relation to passwords – spring clean your online accounts. Make sure you are not using the same credentials / password for multiple services, and turn on 2FA where it is available.

4. Declutter your digital life. Do you have to sift through mountains of irrelevant and irritating emails, social media posts and news articles before you find the information you want? Decluttering your house can make life easier and give you a sense of calm, and so can decluttering your digital surroundings. Unfollow and unfriend social media accounts that clog up your feeds with spam. Go through your email and unsubscribe from all those news outlets and retailers that send mailshots you never read and special offers you never need. Get rid of all those internet ‘favourites’ that were last your favourites in 2010. Trust us, you’ll feel a lot better for it.

5. Close down your email. Don’t worry, we don’t mean forever. But emails are intrusive, breaking your chain of thought and leeching time from your day. The most productive people don’t check email constantly, but limit their email time to certain periods. In fact, one expert recommends that you never check email in the morning – ever! That might be a bit radical for many of us, but spending regular periods with email off – maybe start with an hour – can make you more productive, sociable and collaborative at work.

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