Happy Anniversary IXCardiff

Yesterday was the second anniversary of the first internet traffic passing through IXCardiff. Spectrum Internet is proud to have been part of this network from day one; below we can show you some amazing results of how great IXCaridff is for us.

Spectrum Internet’s 1gb connection

The graph blow is the total data over our connection to LINX (over the last 2 days). So this is a good example of our normal daily usage.

The best way to think about this data, is that its traffic our customers are using (such as going to a website) which doesn’t have to go via the internet. It’s taking a shortcut via the LINX exchange.

IXCardiff Graph

Below shows the connection from 1 year ago. As you can see there has been a huge improvement in total traffic being sent over the link compare to 1 year ago. Not only has it increased but its more consistent, and continuously in use.


Tech Stuff

Current we have received the following routes from different LINX peers
• 735 IPv4 routes
• 131 IPv6 routes

We don’t have the exact numbers for a year ago but our tier 3 engineer, Cameron Lacey-Cole who is an IPv6 expert estimated that it would have been around 50 IPv4 routers and 20 IPv6 routes, so a large increase.

IX Cardiff