Full fibre broadband in your home is a must in 2018

When you think about it, what download and upload speeds do you really need in your home? Surely just enough to download that film you all want to watch? Maybe to access your emails quickly? Or maybe to download that game? That won’t take too long… as long as everyone else stays off the internet!

Most people think the speed they have at the moment is just fine. But that’s because they don’t yet realise it could be so much better.

Think about it.

How’s the broadband in your office? It’s fast enough for the whole business to do its thing, and do it quickly. Whether that’s uploading large files into cloud storage, or maybe downloading those images you need for that big project you’re going to nail. Think about how many files need uploading throughout the day, and how much web browsing goes on, eating up bandwidth.

Your business broadband does a lot.

full fibre broadband is a must in your home this 2018 family image

It’s a lot of downloading and uploading all at once, all throughout the day. It’s a part of the business that no one even thinks about. Because it just works.

Now, jump to your home. You’re on your desktop, maybe your son is on his Xbox upstairs chatting to his friends being the usual anti-social teenager he is. Maybe your daughters are both scrolling through their social media on their phones. You’re all online, you’re all sucking up that connection and it’s really…frustratingly… slow.

But don’t despair.

Full fibre broadband isn’t just a luxury for businesses anymore, it’s something everyone deserves and Spectrum Internet wants to help as many homes to get connected to full fibre as possible. We’re like Christmas, we just keep giving.

Ultrafast, full fibre broadband is delivered via a piece of fibre-optic cable which runs directly into to your home. Whilst Ofcom defines full fibre as a connection with download speeds over 300Mbps, these full fibre connections can deliver up to 1Gbps (one gigabit per second).

This type of very fast connection is particularly useful for individuals and families with high digital demands…so, pretty much everyone in 2018.

The key technical benefits of full fibre broadband compared to previous technologies (such as ADSL Internet) are:

. Faster download speeds (typically 3 times or more)
. Dramatically faster upload speeds (typically 10 times or more)
. Improved reliability due to the removal of the inconsistencies associated with copper cable for data transmission

So that means in your home you get:

. More flexible capabilities for working from home
. Enables more consistent online video and TV services (Netflix, YouTube, Amazon etc.).
. Remote cloud backup and data sharing are more practical
. Lower cost and more flexible telephone (VOIP) and video calling services

Spectrum Internet is currently trying to help homes all across Bristol to get connected to full fibre broadband with the help of the Government and DCMS. We are able to give each Bristol home a voucher of up to £500 to help install full fibre into their homes, so you never have to worry about slow speeds and sharing broadband again.

So, if your family are constantly moaning about the speed of your broadband, something can be done. With the help of Spectrum Internet and the Gigabit voucher scheme something will be done, if you register your interest and get your neighbours to do the same.

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