INCA challenges government to plan Gigabit Britain

In a newly released report, the Independent Networks Co-Operative Association (INCA) has challenged the government to define the UK’s ambition for fibre broadband.

The Building Gigabit Britain report, created by input from INCA associates, of which Spectrum Internet is a member, has called for the government to set out a clear Gigabit Britain Strategy.

The recommendation from INCA is that the UK should target to have “80% FTTP coverage” by 2026.

Malcolm Corbett, INCA CEO believes that, “The UK is at critical point in determining how to build a digital infrastructure fit for the future.”
This future digital infrastructure needs to supersede today’s Superfast Britain.

At the start of 2016 the UK Government began to set out a commitment to do just that and the regulator, Ofcom, called for a “new fibre future” in its Strategic Review.

But these are austere times and the argument over whether the UK needs the Ultrafast speeds FTTP can deliver may well be about economics rather than speed.

Diagram showing UK Fibre to the Premisesm, FTTP, speeds

In 2013 Westminster committed to make superfast broadband available to many more properties across the UK, through Superfast Britain.

To date this is now available to over 90% of homes and businesses, but we lag behind the in the global in terms of our Ultrafast FTTP coverage.

While BT continues to hold on to its copper network for far longer than many people expected, the expansion of the UK’s FTTP network is already being undertaken by Alt-Net’s across the UK.

“Altnets already offer FTTP connections to twice as many premises as BT and by 2020 we forecast they will reach 18% of the UK with FTTP – 1.5m premises more than BT and Virgin Media’s planned FTTP builds combined.” Said Corbett.

“Together, the Altnets form the UK’s third digital infrastructure competitor”.

Spectrum Internet is one of the Alt-Nets in question.

Spectrum Internet has already connected its first few customers in the South West to its latest on net FTTP fibre broadband packages which offer speeds up to 1Gbps.

As the only recognisable Welsh ISP that can offer the Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) from our own network, we have already launched our latest competitive packages aimed to offer the very best connection for businesses in South Wales & the South West.