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True or false about a leased line connection for your business

Many directors, IT Managers, Office Managers, literally anyone who has been tasked with the job of looking for a new internet connection for their business has different priorities. Some may look for a connection that offers something “free” with their service, others may look for a quality Service Level Agreement and others may look for an internet connection that is the cheapest but “fastest” around.

It’s beneficial for businesses to have the right internet connection for them and whether they like it or not the cheapest option may not be their best option. It’s not a one size fits all kind of thing for any business and it really needs to be researched and discussed in more detail instead of “what’s the cheapest deal you can offer me?”

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True or False?

FTTP full fibre broadband is just as good as a leased line connection


Well, it’s false if your business needs more from its internet connectivity. FTTP full fibre broadband is the future connection for many businesses and homes. It’s faster, more reliable than FTTC Superfast and of course it blows ADSL out of the water. But looking at FTTP full fibre broadband and a leased line connection as “the same kind of connection” is something businesses just cannot and should not do.

Some businesses suffer with slow broadband speeds, so when FTTP full fibre broadband becomes available it’s like Christmas comes early. But we always recommended to businesses that a leased line should be considered if your business needs or does the following:

1. If an internet connection is business critical a leased line should be at the forefront of your business.
2. The more the merrier – The more people you have working on the same internet connection, the more un-contended bandwidth you’ll need to ensure that no one’s ability to use the internet suffers. However, if you only have two people in the office right now but know your business is growing in numbers plan! Don’t future problems yourself when you have all these great people working but don’t have a reliable un-contented internet connection for your business to succeed and grow.
3. Is your business data hungry? Some people see sending data as sending off a few emails, businesses that are data starving are the businesses that uses VoIP calls, cloud back-ups or file sharing – all these are affected by upload speed.
4.Multiple offices or locations? If yes, and you find that collaboration and file sharing between the two or more sites can prove tricky due to slow internet speeds, a leased line connection would fix that problem.

True or False

Lease lines are only for big businesses


You may be surprised to hear that SMEs are also jumping on the leased line bandwagon. Of course, larger businesses are more likely to install a leased line, but Ofcom reports that around one third of medium sized businesses (those with between 521 and 250 employees) now have leased lines. Businesses need leased line for so many different reasons, some want it for the speed, others the low latency, the SLA’s etc.

True or False

Leased lines are just about speed


Many businesses choice a leased line because of their slow broadband speeds in the area but leased lines aren’t just about speed. In fact, many businesses place less importance on speed, and more importance on a dedicated connection and ultra-low latency.

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It’s so important to us that businesses know that there are so many different types of internet connections for them to choose from and “the cheapest” option really should be one of them. Value your internet connection like your value your employees. After all you wouldn’t pay someone peanuts to do a spectacular job. So why pay peanuts for an internet connection that is peanuts for your business.

It’s worth asking yourself what would happen to your business if the internet connection failed. If your business would lose money; opt for a leased line. It should come with Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

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