Why are broadband providers not giving their customers the fastest speeds possible to them?

Ofcom research shows that 94% of UK homes and offices can now get superfast but less than half have taken it up

is this because they just don’t know about their options or that they don’t get the difference?

Many people are paying more than they need to. Around 4 million households with old school, basic copper broadband have passed their initial contract period and could switch to superfast or even full fibre broadband for the same, less or slightly more money but for much faster speeds.  

Ofcom has announced a range of measures today to help people get the best deal: 

  1. Clearer information – Ofcom are proposing that, from next year, broadband companies – as well as mobile, landline and pay – TV providers – will have to tell customers about their best available deal, both when their deals are coming to an end, and every year after that if they don’t change their deal.
  1. Reviewing broadband prices – Launching a review of broadband companies’ pricing practices – examining why some customers pay more than others, and whether vulnerable customers need extra protections to ensure they get a good deal. 
  1. Consumer campaign – A major new information campaign and website, ‘Boost Your Broadband’, launches today. Backed by consumer champion Gloria Hunniford OBE, DCMS, BEIS and consumer body Which?, the website uses Ofcom data to tell people what broadband they can get in their area, and offers impartial advice on how to find the best deal today. 

So, Spectrum Internet customers, how do we make sure our customers stay spectacular?

Our goal is to give our customers superfast or ultrafast speeds and great customer service, all the great ingredients for customers to stay with us. 

The Ofcoms rules that have come into force today seem to be about two things: speed and price. Here at Spectrum we want to make sure our customers can get the fastest broadband speeds possible in their area, or at least have the choice, great price is a huge factor in people’s choices too, but for what we offer, which is unique compared to the larger players in the industry we do have slightly more expensive packages than others. But like what they say, you get what you pay for.  


What we do to keep our customers

  • Communication is key when it comes to areas that only have basic broadband available to them at the moment. We always keep our eyes peeled and ears to the ground in areas where our customers are, especially if we know that there has never been any Superfast or Full Fibre broadband there. If we discover that Openreach is or has upgraded the infrastructure in a location we are, we inform our customers of the good news and give them the option to upgrade and switch to a new package completely free of charge.  

  • *Spectrum boast alert*

    We have never increased our prices on packages, if anything we’ve decreased them or they’ve stayed the same. As Openreach technology (slowly) expands to areas that struggle to get good broadband speeds new packages become available to them and a new world of broadband opens up to them. 

  • Say goodbye to mid contract price rises when you are a Spectrum customer.

    Most broadband providers give you a lovely monthly broadband bill for a while, but, just when you don’t expect it, BAM! price increase! Yes, you can leave when they do that, but it’s such a hassle! In your head you knew you didn’t have to worry about broadband for another 9 months, and now you’ve got to look for a better deal. Sigh. 

    As a Spectrum customer you don’t need to worry about that kind of thing happening to you – phew, right?! Once your contract comes to an end with us, let’s have a chat to see what we can do – side note, when we say chat, we actually mean chat, and to a real person. Give us a call and you’ll speak to someone in our Cardiff HQ or you can easily drop us an email and we will get back to you – can you believe?!

Why is it so important to check for better speeds?

You may be a “loyal customer” of your current broadband provider, but that doesn’t mean they are giving you the best deal for you. Shop around, chat to your ISP and do some research. It may be time to cut the cord because they haven’t actually been looking after you and giving you…just taking more money from you. However, sometimes your broadband provider may not even realise that is going on, so don’t shout just yet, have a conversation first, shout later and send an angry tweet later.

You know, you get what you pay for, it’s the same as eating out, yes, you can get a cheese burger from McDonalds, tastes good, cheap and does the job, but when you go to the restaurant that gives you the very best British beef, none of that plastic (but still tasty cheese) etc etc, you pay double, if not even more – and you don’t bat an eyelid because you know what you’re about to get is going to be something special. That’s exactly like us, but instead of a tasty burger, we want to give our customers the very best broadband service. We don’t pride ourselves on being the cheapest, we pride ourselves on the experience you will get.

If you are a business, time IS money, so faster speeds will give you back the time to do more in a day, faster typically does mean more money, but if you’re business replies on fast speeds to do fast work, surely you have to pay for the best solution for your business?

And finally, better broadband technologies such as full fibre, can give you better reliability, less downtime and the satisfaction  that you have the very best technology your business can possibly get right now. 

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