Project Description

Mango HR

Mango HR now have a mammoth amount of bandwidth to help with their efficiency and productivity.

Founded by Sarah Williams and established in May 2015, Mango HR provides an on-site Human Resources Consultancy service to businesses with up to 100 employees, and has extensive experience of leading change projects within larger companies.

With a genuine style and personable approach, Mango HR, is a start-up business driven by HR experts that are passionate about supporting and making a positive change to businesses within the digital and technology industry.

Broadband speeds increased from less than 4Mbps to 94Mbps

Internal systems are now fast and responsive

A reliable high speed connection delivered without degradation in quality at peak times


Based in the South West and South Wales, MangoHR provide an on-site HR Consultancy service to companies with between 10-100 employees. They also have extensive experience of leading change projects and work with companies with over 20 employees to implement changes. The company are a team of HR experts that are passionate about supporting business’ to be an employer of choice.  Their style is genuine and personable with the ultimate aim of making a positive difference to your business.

The Challenge

Mango HR needed an increase in bandwidth to meet the growing demands of their start-up business and improve their efficiency and productivity. Slow broadband made the use of online applications, such as Skype for business and Office365, very difficult; this had a direct impact on collaborating and accomplishing client work in real-time using online applications. The poor service meant that frequent freezing and quitting of Skype for Business and Office365, intrinsic tools for Mango HR, made interviewing and performing training sessions online an enduring experience, as well as using Word, Excel and PowerPoint online. Using social media channels on a regular basis, Mango HR struggled to conduct a lot of its business using channels such as LinkedIn and Periscope. In addition, the business is looking to produce more of its own video content in the future, thus needing a stronger internet connection to do so. Targeting a client audience of digital and technology businesses, Mango HR faced the challenge of communicating with a digitally savvy audience when struggling against its poor broadband connection. Mango was tired of dealing with faraway call centre operatives that had no knowledge of the area and the problems and were not particularly business-focused.

The Spectrum Solution

The scheme enabled Mango to upgrade, Spectrum advised on availability and suggested FTTC. Spectrum has its own network in south Wales and can connect into Openreach’s FTTC. Spectrum was therefore able to connect Mango straight onto it’s network without having to go through other parties or wholesalers, ensuring that Mango HR received great customer service.

The Super Connected Cities scheme enabled Spectrum Internet to support Mango HR by providing a fibre-to-the-cabinet solution using its own network in Chepstow.  Mango HR applied for a Super Connected Cities voucher from Newport Council and were granted the funding; this enabled Mango HR to kick-start its business without having the worry of large overhead costs.

Benefits and Results

Since receiving the superfast connection, Mango HR has seen a dramatic improvement in broadband speeds. Originally receiving broadband speeds of 0.5Mb, the business now enjoys superfast speeds of around 60Mb. Without the delay and quitting of applications used online, Mango HR is able to work efficiently and productively using Skype for Business, Office365 and social media channels such as Hootsuite. More confidence can now be instilled in Mango HR from technology and digital companies who can now work with Mango HR with the sureness that the business is using the latest technologies and can be contacted online. Social media audiences have increased as a result of the regular and engaging content that is being posted, thus supporting the growth of its client base. Mango HR can now look to the future without the concern of internet speeds holding it back. With plans for more videos and digital marketing, Mango HR can excel in any direction it wishes to go.

In Conclusion

By working with a local and reliable Internet Service Provider – Spectrum Internet – Mango HR internet speed and reliability was a winner for them. The new system was set up quickly, clients were happier, as were staff.

Mango HR testimonial

“The constant agonising over the freezing and buffering of internet pages really prevented daily duties being performed that were fundamental for Mango HR to succeed, particularly as a start-up! Thanks to Spectrum Internet and the Super Connected Cities scheme, Mango HR is up and running with superfast broadband speeds.”

Sarah Williams, Mango HR

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