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Maskell Moss & Co

Maskell Moss receive a reliable high speed connection

Maskell Moss offer independent investment and financial advice to both corporate clients and individuals. Based in Cardiff Gate International Business Park, they provide clients with thorough advice on the potential of preservation and enhancement of their assets.

As qualified independent financial advisers, their team has over 20 years’ experience in caring for clients and their associated assets. Their focus is on building strong relationships with their clients, listening to their needs and aspirations, and providing clients with relevant and honest advice to deliver the best financial outcomes

Broadband speeds increased from less than 4Mbps to 94Mbps

Internal systems are now fast and responsive

A reliable high speed connection delivered without degradation in quality at peak times

Instantaneous email and browsing


Maskell Moss offers independent investment and financial advice to both corporate clients and individuals.

As qualified independent financial advisers, their team has over 20 years experience in caring for clients and their associated assets. You never know what life will throw your way so that is why the relationships their clients build are most important to them. Maskell Moss’s primary focus is to listen to their clients needs and aspirations then provide relevant and honest guidance.

The Challenge

Maskell Moss needed an increase in bandwidth to meet the growing demands of their business and improve their productivity and efficiency. They has incredibly slow broadband speeds which were severely impacting staff activities and the poor service, which meant that accessing Life Offices to obtain information for clients became very difficult. The existing broadband service made completing applications for clients very slow; frequently dropping out halfway through an application which wasted time when the process needed to be repeated. Cardiff Gate International Business Park was not on the roll out path to be upgraded with fibre optic broadband by the larger Internet Service Providers, so Maskell Moss were having to endure the regular delays and system failures without any chance of improvement.

The Spectrum Solution

The Super Connected Cities scheme enabled Spectrum Internet to invest in new infrastructure, bringing fibre broadband in to the business park through a fibre-to-the-cabinet solution.

Maskell Moss heard about the new broadband service available and enquired about signing up. By applying for a Super Connected voucher from Cardiff Council, they were able to connect to the new service in a matter of weeks and are now seeing a dramatic improvement in their broadband speeds.

Benefits and Results

Since receiving the superfast connection Maskell Moss have seen a dramatic increase in their broadband speeds, with recorded speeds of 94Mbps. The new connection has removed the delays in processing information and internal systems are now fast and responsive. There is now a consistency in the level of broadband service, with a reliable high speed connection being delivered without the previous degradation in service quality at peak times.

Maskell Moss staff have improved productivity as the faster connection means they longer suffer delays in waiting for information to download. The fast connection has allowed Maskell Moss to improve their ability to meet tight deadlines and build their reputation with clients. Staff now have confidence in the tools they have to perform their tasks and morale has seen a large boost as a result. Increased bandwidth means that Maskell Moss have increased their potential for growth and have future proofed their business by being able to use services such as video conferencing and cloud services, as technologies continue to advance.

In Conclusion

By working with a local and reliable Internet Service Provider – Spectrum Internet – Maskell Moss’s internet speed and reliability was a winner for them. The new system was set up quickly, clients were happier, as were staff.

Cardiff Gate
“ Since we have been connected to the Spectrum Internet service the difference we have seen in our productivity as a result of the faster speeds has been tremendous; we are operating much more efficiently as a business now”
Helen Burridge , Maskell Moss

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