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The Maltings Cardiff

The Maltings gets ahead with broadband speeds of up to 1Gbps for their tenants

With a recent refurbishment, The Maltings became a go-to destination for businesses looking for premium office space in Cardiff city centre. However, the premium office facilities were not matched with the high end internet connectivity their clients demanded.

To overcome this The Maltings brought in Spectrum Internet, resulting in broadband speeds of up to 1Gbps for the all tenants, the ability to integrate VoIP & video conferencing into their service offering and gaining broadband 3X faster than their competitors.

Broadband speed for all tenants. The first Gigabit building in Cardiff

Faster broadband speed than their competitors

Intergrated VoIP & video conferencing in their offering to tenants


The Maltings is an iconic Grade II listed building close to Wales’ city centre with offices serving a diverse range of clients across a number of sectors, including legal, banking, healthcare, insurance, media, entertainment and public sector. Housing over 50 businesses, The Maltings’ success is built on giving their clients high quality and cost effective solutions to their office rental requirements. Their recent £3m refurbishment has created a range of outstanding offices available to rent in Cardiff.

The Challenge

ADSL broadband speeds were slow due to distance from the exchange with poor upload ability.  The existing copper infrastructure in some areas of The Maltings was affecting the broadband speeds further which led to many tenants needing to take a leased line solution to suit their needs enable them to work effectively but incurring high costs to do so. Productivity for tenants in these areas was inhibited by restricted speeds, as growing businesses were requiring more and more bandwidth. Services offered in meeting rooms such as video conferencing and real-time information sharing were not able to be maximised, reducing their flexibility and appeal to clients.

The Spectrum Solution

In order to have the new Fibre to the Premise (FTTP) infrastructure installed to provide high speed broadband, The Maltings and more than a dozen tenants jointly applied for funding under the Broadband Connection voucher scheme, which provides up to £3,000 per business towards the connection cost. The pooling of funds enabled Spectrum Internet to propose a superfast fibre-to-the-premises solution for The Maltings creating the first Gigabit building in Cardiff. Spectrum Internet was able to flood The Maltings with fibre optic cabling with a Gigabit back haul. This high speed service, allows speeds up to 1Gbps and is particularly well suited for multi-tenanted sites.

Benefits and Results

Competitive advantage The Maltings now set themselves aside from the competition by offering broadband speeds three times faster than other serviced office providers in the area. By offering the fastest connection available, The Maltings are experiencing a significant increase in the level of interest received from prospective clients.
Improved efficiencies and cost savings Tenants and staff have improved efficiency with general tasks, such as downloading documents, which now take a fraction of the time. Substantial cost savings are also being made from the opportunities that high speed connectivity brings; adopting technologies such as cloud solutions and VoIP telephony. Flexibility and diversity Clients and prospective businesses can hold meetings where high quality video conferencing can take place with colleagues, clients and suppliers located anywhere in the world, supporting and fostering business growth.

In Conclusion

The Broadband Connection Voucher Scheme removes the costs barrier to superfast broadband by providing up to £3,000 towards the connection costs for SME’s.
Like The Maltings, multi-tenanted buildings can greatly benefit from the scheme through tenants jointly applying and pooling the funding. As a result a superior solution can be provided delivering a future-proof service that would usually be too costly for building owners to install. Many more small and mid-sized companies are seizing the opportunity of gaining high speed connectivity to drive their business forward through the Broadband Connection Voucher scheme and the future for them is now open to a far wider range of opportunities.

“Our tenants range from creative media experts to professional services such as accountancy and insurance; although each client is very different, the one thing that remains the same when looking at office space is the need for a fast, reliable broadband connection. Spectrum Internet’s solution was by far the best offering for our tenants”.
Gareth Oram, The Maltings

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