Shirenewton School Gets Net Savvy

Children and parents of Shirenewton Primary School attended an Internet Safety session today with Spectrum Internet, the local broadband experts in connecting hard to reach communities.

Shirenewton has historically suffered from very slow Internet speeds, which in particular have been a disadvantage for the local primary school because of the increasing reliance on electronic and Internet based teaching materials.

Spectrum Internet has used exciting new technology to lay fibre-optic cabling in the road, from the exchange directly to the school (known as Fibre-to-the-Premise or FTTP) which will deliver ultrafast broadband speeds of 100Mbps to the School.

Jayne Edwards, Executive Head Teacher, Shirenewton Primary School said, “It is so essential for the children to be aware of the dangers as well as the amazing resource that is the ‘web’. We have been deprived of good broadband for many years, struggling with just 1Mbps speeds and being envious of other schools’ broadband and the benefits that brings.”

Edwards continues, “The slow broadband speeds have been a huge hindrance to teaching staff, making it extremely challenging to teach elements of the curriculum. We have 30 laptops and 70 iPads in the school which are impossible to run on the slow connection. The children have struggled to effectively use the net for research and staff lose confidence when they aren’t able to resolve technical problems, and frustrations occur with sending one email often taking 40 minutes. All this will change thanks to Spectrum Internet’s innovative way of delivering ultrafast broadband to Shirenewton Primary School, when we thought we couldn’t be reached.”

Claire Brown, Sales and Marketing Director, Spectrum Internet said, “Its projects like this FTTP solution that have helped Spectrum Internet become Wales’ leading Internet Service Provider. We’re continually innovating in villages and towns throughout South Wales and South West where other providers won’t or can’t help. Even at our size, we never forget we’re a local Monmouthshire business and we will continue to invest in and work with local communities and Councils to improve the digital infrastructure in the area.”