Could you be our next project?

Following a busy weekend at Momouthshire Agricultural Show, we have had many enquiries about our community projects and what they are about. So many of us across South Wales and South West England live in communities where the broadband is sub-par – especially in the technology-centric world we live in today – but why is this? Why do so many communities struggle with connectivity? And what can be done about it?

The reason is the infrastructure. Many communities are still using old full copper connections, which have likely eroded over time. Many urban areas have been fitted with FTTC (fibre to the cabinet), which is part fibre and part copper – this makes the connection that little bit faster and that little bit more reliable (depending on how far away you live from the cabinet).

Recently, Infrastructure providers have started to look at how the UK can be future-proofed – giving more people ubiquitous ultrafast, ultra-reliable and speeds that are completely in your control!  For this you need full fibre (instead of part copper, part fibre). Across the UK, coverage has just tipped above 8% and many providers’ roll-out plans are in the major cities or dense urban areas so that they can gain market share quickly and keep a lid on the cost per premise passed.

We, at Spectrum Internet, believe that everyone should be connected equally, and so we are actively undertaking projects to connect communities to the best broadband on the market – but may struggle to attract providers under their ‘normal market conditions’. Understandably, the ‘cost per prem’ is higher in the more rural (or even just more spread out towns and villages).

But don’t let that stop you reading on, there’s a big fibre light at the end of the tunnel.

The Gigabit Voucher Scheme is a grant awarded to residences (and businesses) who are severely lacking in the broadband department to upgrade their connectivity. The UK Government gives residents £300 and businesses £2,500 in the form of a voucher to allow the ISP to undertake the construction. Living in Wales? You lucky thing! The Welsh Government gives those residents and businesses in Wales an extra helping hand. The full amount residents will receive is £800 and businesses is £5,500!

It is very easy and straightforward for your community to apply to be one of our projects. You must be located in South Wales or South West England and must not already have a gigabit connection… That’s it! It’s that simple! Spectacular, right? We will collect the vouchers on your behalf so you can relax and let us do the work.

Why choose the Gigabit Voucher? Well, this means that construction costs are usually covered by the voucher – so the upgrade is essentially free. The construction itself should take us between 3 and 6 months – although there’s some planning to do first! Plus, throughout the process, you and your community will be kept fully updated. It is your broadband, after all! Any residence in your area can apply for a voucher, and so can any business. A business does not always have to mean a huge corporate company; it can be anything from childminding to dog grooming to architecture firms or a farm. As long as you are receiving an income, you can apply for the larger sum of the business voucher which helps get the broadband for your whole community.

We are proud to announce that our project in Old School Lane, Bristol has been completed and the residents are over the moon with the results! 22 out of 24 residents have been connected to our full fibre and are now able to connect to gigabit capable speeds! That’s 1000Mbps. The project ran from November 2017 to March 2018 – so the process for ultrafast broadband was, in fact, ultrafast! We didn’t even need to rely on a business voucher because we had so many residents in the project area interested in our full fibre! Like to know more? Check out this link:


Our aim is to connect more communities to full fibre broadband so if you are a community in South Wales or South West England with sub-par broadband, please get in touch! We would love to talk to you!

Follow this link to find out more about our community projects:


We look forward to hearing from you soon… Let’s giga-go!