Spectrum Internet DNS Blocking

Spectrum Internet DNS Blocking service is free, and provides end users a DNS filtering service which blocks criminal sites such as malware distribution locations, phishing destinations, botnet command and control, and other systems which are harmful to end users and network elements. While providing security, Spectrum Internet DNS Blocking also has a dedication to end user privacy and neither stores nor transmits any personally identifiable information. It has been designed with GDPR compliance as a baseline goal.

Quad9 provides ISPs an easy way of protecting their customers. Quad9 actively blocks access to known malicious domains, thwarting phishing URLs, delivery of malware, ransomware and other types of malicious activity that use DNS.

Ourcustomers are looking to us as their provider to protect them against Internet threats.  We use our own DNS Blocking to provide a basic level of security with a large set of blocked hosts which are trying to harm your customers with malware, phishing, cyberjacking, or other fraudulent attacks.

How it works


Spectrum Internet DNS Blocking provides basic cybersecurity at no cost. They combine almost 20 different threat feeds into a DNS blocklist that helps keep your end users safe. We also have non-blocking service options if that is your preference. DNSSEC, encryption (DoT, DoH ,dnscrypt), and proximity to many root and TLD servers.


Quad9 has anycast systems in more than 145 locations in 88 countries. We can deploy nodes inside your network if you want the highest performance option (cost offsets may apply for this method).


If GDPR applies to your organization, using Quad9 may eliminate some burden by creating a non-logging service that is outside your administrative authority. Quad9 does not log IP addresses, and has no way of associating queries with end users.

Overall Benefits

Threat Reduction – Reduce the threats of DDoS botnets, and protect your network from the risks from hacked clients.

Reduce Cost – Eliminate the operational and capital expense of operating your own DNS resolvers which may vary based on traffic, attacks, and software development effort.

Friction-free deployment – There is no sign-up, no document to sign, no fees to pay. Experimentation is easy, and conversion to production requires no action on your part.