Spectrum Internet’s MD responds to OfCom’s Review

Giles Phelps, Managing Director of Spectrum Internet, the regional Internet Service Provider that is known for implementing broadband in difficult to reach areas, has commented this morning on OfCom’s Strategic Review of Digital Communications.

He said, “I broadly welcome the review – the industry has dramatically changed over the past ten years and so it was in much need. However, I would certainly say that the devil is in the detail. The 112 page review outlines OfCom’s plans but nothing has yet been confirmed about the key issues and actions that will be taken that the industry faces.  

“For example, Openreach does need reforming, which OfCom acknowledges. It’s very positive to read that it will undertake a review of 8 possible models of separation – these range from improving the governance up to a complete structural separation from the rest of BT.  

“I would have liked OfCom to have gone further into the quality of service that communication providers should expect from Openreach too. I believe we need to move away from copper infrastructure as much as possible in order to see an improvement. Copper lines are just outdated and not fit for customers’ needs of broadband today.” 

Phelps goes on to say that forcing BT to open up its duct network for other providers to use will never be a utopian moment; “BT’s network was never designed for sharing so capacity will be a problem, particularly in more urban areas where there will naturally be more competition. Saying that, I do think it should be enforced and will go some way to helping more rural areas of the UK if costs are reviewed as well.” 

The idea of a national database of service providers and what are services are available is not a new one – Spectrum Internet has campaigned for this over the years.

“I’m pleased to see this is going happen at last as it certainly helps smaller providers like ourselves gain better reach of customers –and for those customers to be able to compare the market more fairly.” 

Spectrum Internet recently met with several members of the OfCom executive board which was visiting the Cardiff office and had the opportunity to explain how a smaller ISP competes in the marketplace.