David & Goliath of the Internet

Spectrum Internet is the top provider of Superfast Broadband to businesses in Cardiff and fourth in the South West, according to a recently released report. Beating many of the larger Internet providers, such as BT, TalkTalk and Virgin.

The report highlighting Spectrum’s position as the top broadband provider, is from the UK Governments Broadband Connection Voucher Scheme, which connected over 55,000 SMBs. We’re experts in deploying gigabit fibre and wireless solutions to SMEs, large corporates and multi-tenant sites situated across South Wales and the South West.

The order is based on the number of vouchers issued during the whole scheme which ended last year. Out of the whole nation Spectrum Internet ranked a highly impressive 9th place out of 50, which goes to show that our superfast broadband and excellent customer care has raised the bar for Internet service.

Superfast broadband is available to over 80% of homes and businesses in the UK – and this is increasing all the time. However, according to more than 500,000 speed tests, conducted over a six month period, just 22 towns and cities out of 42 urban areas have average speeds of more than 24Mbps.

A new study out today shows that Hull has the slowest broadband of any major UK town or city according to figures from uSwitch, which found nearby Middlesbrough had the best speeds which outpace’s London.

uSwitch says its figures suggest adoption of fibre has been sluggish.

“The UK’s cities should be leading the charge when it comes to broadband speeds, yet just 22 cities have broadband users with average speeds of more than 24Mbps,” said Ewan Taylor-Gibson, broadband expert at uSwitch. “With capital cities like London and Edinburgh not on that list, we should be asking what more can be done to encourage the adoption of superfast broadband now it’s so widely available.”

Spectrum Internet superfast broadband

With Cardiff being on the 6th on that list our answer here at Spectrum Internet, use us.


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