Superfast FTTC broadband is part copper, and copper isn’t getting any faster

94.8%. Yup, that’s the percentage of Wales covered by Superfast FTTC broadband


Superfast FTTC broadband is “fibre to the cabinet”. That means that if you’re in a Superfast area then you have fibre running from your exchange to your little green cabinet and then from your little green cabinet you have copper going to your office or home. That bit of copper is what’s either giving you poor broadband speeds and poor reliability, or it will give you poor broadband and poor reliability.

Superfast FTTC broadband

Openreach won’t be putting in new copper, ever. And they won’t be upgrading your area to full fibre (FTTP) any time soon, why? Because copper is so 90’s baby and installing full fibre FTTP broadband it’ll cost a heck of a lot of money.

That’s why it’s important to upgrade to full fibre (FTTP) broadband right now while you have the change to upgrade for free (three cheers for the UK Government!)

Full fibre FTTP broadband is fibre all the way from your exchange, to your little green cabinet and then directly to your business or home. Fibre is what makes the world go round…not literally but it lets you Netflix and chill to your hearts content or download and upload all your important work documents in the blink of an eye – or do both at the same time because fibre’s great like that. You can’t do that with Superfast FTTC broadband, well you can but it won’t anywhere near as fast as full fibre broadband.

Full fibre FTTP broadband

The problem with Superfast FTTC broadband is that the speeds and reliability of the service MIGHT be working for you now, but for how long?

Copper degrades over distance and over time meaning your speeds might be working for you one day and then BAM poor speeds, service dropping in and out the next and oh great…you try to sort it out, but you’re put on hold by your internet service provider.  

Another great reason to upgrade your broadband now is because just like Usain Bolt, you can always be faster. I’m sure the fastest man in the world wasn’t happy with his 9.58 second 100m run, I bet he crossed that finish line and wanted his time to be 9.57. You didn’t see Bolt cross the finish line and take it easy, he pushed himself to be faster, and that’s what you should be doing. Superfast broadband gives your business a limit on how fast you can be, full fibre FTTP broadband allows you to be unlimited.   

Are you a business looking to grow?

If your business sees itself going places you can’t deny the fact that faster technology is one of the keys to a successful business. Faster internet means all your employees can be more productive and faster internet also opens new doors to your business. Just like Vann Data says in one of their blogs, fast and reliable internet helps your business grow.

The moral of this story is upgrading to full fibre FTTP broadband now is something your business or home really needs to consider while there are government grants to help install future-proof, ultrafast full fibre broadband.

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