Changes to how you swap broadband providers – will it make a difference?

The changes brought in by OfCom to how consumers and businesses swap providers has certainly made the process easier. Spectrum Internet is one of the many Internet Service Providers to welcome the introduction of the ‘Gaining Led Provider’ process.

How much easier it would have been for our customers joining our broadband solutions in poorly served areas such as Gower, Monmouthshire and St Brides Wentlooge to just complete our application form and leave the rest to us? Instead, as our fibre to the cabinet superfast broadband services went live nearly 3 years ago, over 1000 customers had to individually call their broadband provider and so the process took weeks longer to migrate customers.

Our hardworking, yet frustrated community champions reported residents dealing with a variety of excuses why the incumbent ISP shouldn’t (or wouldn’t) provide the MAC required for the customer to move away and we continued to support, where we could, with information from OfCom to help them. To be honest, it was disheartening to hear how our competitors behaved but it made our customers even more determined to move to Spectrum.

However, the new process should mean that ISP’s, like us, that constantly push the boundaries to deliver innovative solutions can concentrate on the 3 elements that make a great service – the broadband itself, the technical solution and the friendly customer support end of the phone. It now means the Spectrum Internet service is just one phone call away.

We continue to uphold our values when it comes to promised speeds and that’s why we want to speak to customers about the service and speeds before they buy –ironically the best online service you can receive still needs that personal touch.