Choosing a broadband provider – checklist

Broadband provider checklist Make sure you choose the right broadband provider that suits your business needs Establish what your business needs. Will you be connecting a single computer or your entire network? Evaluate how much data you need to upload. Cloud computing and remote access services tend to require good

Calculate your business bandwidth

Factors you need to consider when calculating bandwidth needs You can print this worksheet and use it to predict what’s ahead in terms of network traffic. With a bit of thoughtful planning, you can make sure that bandwidth hogs like VoIP video calls won’t slow down your internet to the point that you can’t get other

What Connection do I Need for VoIP?

What kind of connection do I need for VoIP? VoIP relies on having the right connection for the job. So make sure your connection has enough bandwidth for your requirements before switching. In this modern age every company has an internet connection but knowing how fast your connection is and how the bandwidth is

Can you even lift, bro?

Chamber lid proves tricky for Spectrum Internet full fibre broadband team A team of CK Communication engineers working hard and putting our own full fibre broadband into St Athan, recently ended up biting off a little more than they could chew while trying to open up a corroded underground chamber. Ordinarily gaining access to

Wales: The Digital Desert of the UK

“I’ve already got fibre” We’ve heard this time after time…after time when talking to businesses in Wales about their broadband and fibre, when really, they haven’t. With Wales being digitally snubbed it’s no wonder businesses in Wales don’t fully understand the need to upgrade their broadband infrastructure. The internet is the lifeline of every

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Do we have a symmetrical broadband future?

Do we have a symmetrical broadband future? You’ve probably noticed that you can almost always download files much quicker than you can upload them. This is because regular broadband lines give you more bandwidth in one direction at the expense of the other to satisfy the much higher demand to download content quickly. But

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Be IPv6 ready sooner rather than later

Be IPv6 ready sooner rather than later But is your Internet Service Provider ready for it? There are a lot of devices connected to the internet and just like buildings in the real world, these devices need addresses so data knows where it's headed. We're using more devices than ever before: smartphones, IoT gadgets,

Krack attack on all your wifi devices

KRACK attack on all your devices A significant and critical flaw (KRACK) has been discovered in Wi-Fi Protected Access II (WPA 2) by a researcher in Belgium. This vulnerability potentially leaves users' devices open to attack when connected to Wi-Fi. The US Computer Emergency Readiness Team (CERT) said today "several key management vulnerabilities in