INCA Challenges Government to plan for UK’s Digital Future

INCA challenges government to plan Gigabit Britain In a newly released report, the Independent Networks Co-Operative Association (INCA) has challenged the government to define the UK’s ambition for fibre broadband. The Building Gigabit Britain report, created by input from INCA associates, of which Spectrum Internet is a member, has called for the government to

Superfast Broadband – What is the difference between FTTP & FTTC?

Superfast Broadband – What is the difference between FTTP and FTTC? Our lives are more connected every day. In the home, more and more gadgets and appliances – phones, TVs, tablets, games consoles – work best with a good internet connection. Meanwhile, small businesses can unlock increasing opportunities to delight customers with

  • Shirenewton School Spectrum Internet

Shirenewton School Gets Net Savvy

Shirenewton School Gets Net Savvy Children and parents of Shirenewton Primary School attended an Internet Safety session today with Spectrum Internet, the local broadband experts in connecting hard to reach communities. Shirenewton has historically suffered from very slow Internet speeds, which in particular have been a disadvantage for the local primary school because of

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