Monmouthshire High Streets are Re-Opening!

Monmouthshire High Streets are Re-Opening! The COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown has affected every single business in the UK, large and small. However, many larger corporations fortunately could resort to their digital platforms, to sell their products and services online. However, high street retailers that rely on people physically visiting their shops suffered, as

10 shocking ransomware stats for businesses

Ransomware statistics businesses really won't believe All experts agree that ransomware is unpredictable, hard if not impossible to prevent, and is currently showing no signs of slowing. Current ransomware statistics show that businesses are facing numerous challenges from this evolving, dangerous threat, with Andy Buchanan from RES has said that this form of attack

What is the UK’s broadband future?

What is the UK’s broadband future? On downtime alone, the cost is substantial – estimated at £11bn per year. We are moving into a new era where speed – in upload, download and latency (the delay that happens in data communication) – as well as reliability will determine Britain’s place in the future digital

Bristol Social Media Week – Save The Date

Bristol Social Media Week Spectrum Internet is officially a sponsor at the Bristol Social Media Week; joining the likes of Buzzfeed, Bristol24/7 and Bristol Media. As experts in providing high-speed, superfast and ultrafast broadband services we are well established and respected in South Wales, and are building a reputation in the South West for

Reading Between the Lines

Reading Between the Lines Let's start with a joke - you may have heard it before: Knock, knock. Who's there? Broadband. Broadband who? Broadband is a complete joke in my area It's not funny. And it's really not funny if that's the punch line you find yourself in time after time. But why when politicians

Millennials aren’t the answer for the Digital Skills Gap in the UK

Millennials aren't the answer for the Digital Skills Gap in the UK The skills gap is apparently costing our economy £63bn a year in lost GDP, but rushing to plug it could cause more harm than good. Although the UK remains a global tech leader, the country remains in the grip of a digital skills