Wales Tech Week: Five Facts about the Tech Sector in Wales

Today kicks off the first ever Wales Tech Week brought to us by Technology Connected. The thriving technology sector within Wales is transforming and enabling society and the way that people work, learn and live. This week will showcase the breadth of Welsh tech by providing us with a festival of webinars, resources, roundtables and digital events from the technology community. It will also include hands-on workshops including sector specific webinars to help unify the technology community and share knowledge.

Events will cover a broad range of technology sectors including key Welsh strength areas including Compound Semiconductors, Cyber and Fintech, alongside additional resources such as attracting investment, digital marketing and skills workshops.

However, as the world is currently facing the global pandemic, COVID-19, Wales Tech Week will be entirely virtual, relying solely on technology to host the activities online, which are going to be accessible across the world in real time.


So, without further a do, we are going to celebrate the start of #WalesTechWeek with five facts about the tech sector in Wales.

1. There are roughly 4,000 technology businesses in Wales.


2. Technology businesses in Wales employ roughly 40,000 people.


3. Since 2010, there has been an 83% rise in employment within the technology sector in Wales.


4. Welsh technology businesses contribute 8.5 bn towards Welsh turnover each year.


5. Technology start-ups in Wales have attracted nearly £115 million in investment between 2012 -2018.


We hope you have enjoyed learning a bit more about the thriving technology sector in Wales.

If you’d like to attend any of the Wales Tech Week events, hosted by Technology Connected, please go to the link below.