“I’ve already got fibre”

We’ve heard this time after time…after time when talking to businesses in Wales about their broadband and fibre, when really, they haven’t. With Wales being digitally snubbed it’s no wonder businesses in Wales don’t fully understand the need to upgrade their broadband infrastructure.

The internet is the lifeline of every business; some businesses may use it for the basics such as email and IMs for employee communication, and others use the internet for heavy upload and download all day every day, and it’s important it’s fast, not just superfast, but ultrafast! A lot of businesses suffer terrible speeds unless they’re paying premium rates every month for a dedicated leased line. Leased lines are great for some businesses, but not always feasible for others. That’s why upgrading the Welsh connectivity infrastructure is so important. And thanks to the UK Government, you can have ultrafast speeds for prices that won’t make your heart hurt.

Wales also gets bombarded with news of Superfast broadband, which we’re told is fibre…but really it isn’t. Yes, there is fibre from the exchange to your little green cabinet, but from that cabinet it’s old school copper. Some businesses could be miles from their cabinet, and copper degrades over distance and over time, making it super slow… but hey, it’s called “Superfast” right?

Building a full- fibre future; https://www.ofcom.org.uk/about-ofcom/latest/features-and-news/full-fibre-future?utm_source=social&utm_medium=twitter
Image taken from Ofcom website: https://www.ofcom.org.uk/about-ofcom/latest/features-and-news/full-fibre-future?utm_source=social&utm_medium=twitter

Wales needs to be educated about the difference between Superfast broadband and Full Fibre broadband because they are two completely different things; one is full fibre the other is fibre in a trench coat, a fedora and a fake moustache.

If businesses in Wales keep their heads buried in the sand about connectivity, Wales will soon become a digital laughing stock compared to other areas like Bristol, where there’s a greater understanding of the differences in broadband, and the benefits it has for businesses. It’s easy, Full Fibre broadband good, Superfast copper broadband, not so good.

The Welsh Government is funneling Superfast broadband down Welsh businesses’ throats, “96% of premises in Wales can access Superfast broadband”. Yes, that’s a good thing, but we need to talk about how full fibre broadband is the future and how we need to make this available across Wales. The Government also talks about wanting to “build a structure that is for the future” which won’t be the case if they keep putting copper into the group and connecting businesses to Superfast half fibre, half copper broadband. Full fibre really is the future. It’s ultrafast. As fast as 1000Mbps+, compared to Superfast which is restricted to 80Mbps.

Here is an example of how fast you can do things with a full fibre connection:

Working in the music industry and have a MP3 file that’s 3MB? Download that in less than 1 second. Need to watch that webinar that’s 350MB? You won’t have time to make a cup of tea while it’s downloading, it’ll take 3 seconds – zoom! And you know that massive project you’ve been working on for months that will see you get the promotion? It’s a mammoth of a file at 15GB but will only take 2 minutes with full fibre, ultrafast broadband. Now go get that promotion!

People working on fibre connection

The best thing about full fibre broadband is that the UK Government is currently giving businesses up to £3,000 to get fibre installed for each property, securing that connection for 70+ years and also securing those ultrafast speeds for your business. For your chance to upgrade your business broadband to full fibre broadband, free of charge, head to the DCMS website here and find out more about the voucher scheme.

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