Welsh Government gigabit broadband top up!

Spectacular news for Welsh businesses and homes who can now claim gigabit broadband voucher for £5,500 thanks to Welsh Government top up.

The Welsh Government has today topped up the DCMS gigabit broadband voucher with an extra £3,000 for businesses and £300 for homes in Wales to help achieve gigabit speeds.

Welsh Government gigabit broadband top up

From today businesses and residents in Wales are eligible for additional funding from the Welsh Government due to the Welsh Government gigabit broadband top up. This top up is for the UK Government’s Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme which started in November 2017.

The gigabit broadband voucher scheme enables businesses across the UK to get ahead of the game. Due to the demand for greater digital connectivity is set to accelerate in future years and full fibre connections will be able to support that demand. Online business applications and internet connected devices; cloud data storage, cyber security systems and back-ups; streamed services such as video and music; voice and video conferencing; and flexible working for employees with access to company systems.

Through the current scheme businesses across the UK can claim up to £2,500 against the cost of a gigabit capable connection. Residents can claim a voucher worth up to £500 as part of a group project with a business. Now, thanks to the Welsh Government gigabit broadband top up, only Welsh businesses and residents can claim an additional £3,000 and £300 to help boost funding to achieve full fibre broadband.

Lee Waters, Welsh Deputy Minister for Economy, said:

“Although the vast majority of premises in Wales can now access superfast broadband, we are working hard on assisting the remaining five per cent that cannot access it and where commercial companies have no plans to reach. There is no one size fits all solution to reach the final premises, and the Gigabit Broadband Voucher scheme is an important part of a suite of measures to achieve this.

This voucher scheme can provide a vital funding source for group connectivity projects, and could be of great benefit to communities currently without access. I’m pleased we’ve been able to work with the UK Government to provide an enhanced scheme for Wales, taking into account the particular challenges we face here with geography and the location of premises.”

Spectrum Internet, being the only born and bred Welsh ISP are ecstatic that the Welsh Government are helping businesses, homes and communities towards full fibre broadband and educating them on the importance of future-proofing their business to make sure Wales doesn’t become a “digital desert”.

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Welsh Government gigabit broadband top up