What Type of Broadband Connection Does My Business Need?

At Spectrum Internet, we offer the best Business Broadband as well as the best possible standard of service for all of our customers.

We deal with many different businesses on a day-to-day basis – from local shops to large co-operate organisations – and the range of connectivity solutions vary accordingly, from fibre connections to leased lines.

But choosing which connection is best suited to your business can be difficult

So, before you decide what broadband connection you need for your business, it’s important to consider the following factors:

The size of your business

What your connection is used for

Your budget

The size of your business is a huge factor of the type of connection you’re likely to opt for, but we recommend that all businesses which use the internet invest in a superfast connection, that is, anything over 25 Mbps.

For small businesses, this will be perfect for communicating through email, using social media, and using online tools and making transactions online.

E-mails are the universal tool of businesses. The ability to send messages, data, graphics, and other large files makes email an essential communication tool. A good rule of thumb when deciding on a broadband connection for your business would be to (for emails alone) have 1-2MB reserved per user.

Medium sized businesses will likely need a higher bandwidth connection which will allow all of their employees to work effectively online, without slowing anyone down. Depending on the industry, and the importance the internet has for that particular business.

As employee numbers increase, traditional phone systems might not be practical. Voice-over-IP, or ‘VoIP’, is a phone service that uses the internet to transfer voice data. Using a VoIP connection can work out much cheaper than using regular phone connections, and can scale much easier.

Business Broadband lady

While large businesses obviously vary massively, the vast majority of our corporate customers take out a leased line connection. This is obviously dependant on the field of work undertaken on each site, but for a large office – one with over 50 employees using the internet – a leased line offers many clear advantages.

Large corporate offices, filled with staff sending emails, using portals and CRM systems, and sending & downloading files can really eat up bandwidth, and even a few hours without a connection can haemorrhage money.

This is true not only for humans using the internet, but also with the advent of internet-reliant machinery and equipment. Systems and processes are increasingly automated, and often wholly dependent on a stable connection. 

What do I do now?

It is very important to note, however, that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. The trick is to identify exactly what connection is right for your business, and build a solution around this. That’s why with a Spectrum Internet leased line you can decide for yourself what bandwidth you’d like, with the option to upgrade later without installing a new circuit. 

Enquire today to discuss your business needs with one of our team, and learn how a Spectrum Internet solution can help to change the way your business works online.