What kind of connection do I need for VoIP?

VoIP relies on having the right connection for the job. So make sure your connection has enough bandwidth for your requirements before switching.

In this modern age every company has an internet connection but knowing how fast your connection is and how the bandwidth is allocated is another matter. One of the most common mistakes when setting up a new VoIP system is not properly checking the suitability of your internet connection. This can have a huge effect on a user’s experience of their VoIP solution.

So how much bandwidth is enough?

As with any internet connection the more users or more data hungry tasks being carried out the slower the connection becomes. VoIP is no exception. In small businesses the same internet connection often has to deal with voice and data at the same time. This is known as a symmetrical connection. However the voice usage will only impact on the upload speed of the connection while the data will use both. So the speed of your connection depends on the size of your company.

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How many phones can a connection support?

Here is a rough guide for the number of phones each bandwidth can support:
500 Kbps – 5 line…at a push but we would recommend 0
1 Mbps – 10 lines but we would recommend 1
5 Mbps – 50 lines but we would recommend 11
10 Mbps – 100 lines but we would recommend 22
30 Mbps – 500 but we would recommend 67

So as bandwidth and upload speeds increase so does the level of uninterrupted service. Slower bandwidth speeds can result in delays and poor quality calls.

Source: https://fitsmallbusiness.com/voip-speed-test/

How much Bandwidth do I need for VoIP?

All companies have different requirements based not only on staff numbers but how they use their connections and when their peak times are so it’s so important to estimate the performance of your VoIP services before you commit to a new service.

Is your broadband speed efficient enough for your VoIP?

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