Xibo Marketing Go Super Fast

Xibo Marketing, a provider of social media marketing for the international conference industry have gone live with a superfast Spectrum Internet Skyline 30/10 connection.

The up-and-coming specialist digital marketing business had been limping by low-speeds on a dial-up connection and through using cellular hotspots. In the social media and conference world, instant connectivity and real-time updates are essential and with the company targeting ten-fold growth over the next two years Xibo were desperate to get their business onto a superfast connection. Unfortunately, they had been strung along for months by one of the UK’s leading ISPs in regards to the timescales for getting their local cabinet FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) enabled and were becoming exasperated.

All that changed when they came to Spectrum Internet – with the help of a Superfast Cities Connection voucher for up to £3000 towards their installation costs, we were able to provide Xibo with a superfast wireless connection, using microwave technology. Within just two weeks Spectrum Internet were able to complete a site survey and their installation. Not only have Xibo now got speeds of 76.92Mbps download and 72.1Mbps upload they got it in super fast time!

Spectrum Internet are proud to be able to support a fellow Welsh business with the connectivity they need, especially given we were able to install and get them up and running quickly, given the difficulties they had in getting a connection.

Xibo’s Office Manager, Emma Riley said ‘ [We] Really can’t thank you all enough for providing us with superfast broadband at superfast speed’ and Xibo’s founder and CEO, Joe Miles said ‘It’s going to make a huge difference to our business – that’s for sure!’