Project Description

Cortecs Cerebrol

Cortecs now have a dedicated fibre leased line service to help them with their speed and reliability needed to run their exciting training business.

Founded by Helen Jones and established in 2016, Cortecs Cerebrol provides a unique style of psychology-powered leadership and management training; the whole training experience is immersive, stimulating and memorable.


“I don’t think about the Internet very much – it just works, which is the best thing you can say about it!”

Fast, reliable fibre connection

Flexibility as the business grows

No compromise on customer service

About Cortecs Cerebrol

Cortecs Cerebrol has developed a training concept, which is the first of its kind in the UK, which uses cognitive challenges and sensory experiences coupled with ‘real life’ work tasks.

Using cutting-edge technology such as virtual reality headsets and unconventional situations, such as meetings and brainstorms held in an adult-sized ball pit, Cortecs’ courses encourage individuals to open up and think in new ways.

These activities are then juxtaposed with real-world tasks delivered within an office environment, where users are emboldened to think ‘outside of the box,’ stretching their professional capabilities.

Founder and director, Helen Jones is a qualified psychometrician, holds a master’s degree in occupational psychology, and has more than 20 years’ experience working in corporate training.

“We pride ourselves on making sure our clients learn valuable lessons that stay with them once they leave. The skills and knowledge they gain with us can be put into action every day of their working lives, making them a more confident and efficient professional and translating into true business value.”

The company will cater to businesses of all sizes and professions of all levels offering a range of courses including ILM accredited qualifications from level 3 to level 7.

In addition to the ILM accredited programs, Cortecs will also craft bespoke courses to address specific business needs, as well as offering one-off activities such as ‘Brain-Spas’ designed to de-stress teams, ‘Mojo Monday Mornings’ for meetings that start the working week with an injection of energy, and team building away-days.

The Challenge

With the Innovation Centre designed and technology to be used within the training centre at the ready, all Cortecs needed was one last extremely important element to their business – the right connection to the outside world.

Many of the virtual reality applications used are regularly updated and stored in the cloud so fast, reliable access was a necessity. “We’ve all experienced ‘the buffer’ at home when we’re streaming TV. Scale that up for a training programme and it can turn an amazing experience into a poor one.”

Being an innovative business itself Cortecs wanted to work with a partner that understood the business today but also how it could grow. So whilst a competitive price was important, the company wasn’t going to start cutting corners by having a fixed, traditional contract with an inflexible provider.

The last thing Cortecs needs in its business is technology letting them and their customers down; “when you are use to putting the customer at the centre of everything you do, you demand the same, even from your Internet connection.”

The Spectrum Solution

A high bar had been set and Cortecs soon found that the usual trawl around the big named national ISP’s were not going tick the boxes.

In actual fact, Helen Jones didn’t have to look that far; she had heard of a local ISP that had undertaken some challenging projects to bring fibre to businesses but what she hadn’t realised was that the business resided next door.

“I think that identifying organisations that are going to support you – not just sell something to you – is really critical for long term success. Spectrum Internet has been a company we can turn to and has become a foundation stone that we can build on.”

After a conversation and a discussion about the different types of internet connection available, Spectrum Internet proposed a dedicated fibre leased line service. Branded as Spectrum Optic, the 50Mb bearer enabled Cortecs to buy the supply of connectivity that they needed now, but could be easily increased or flexed, as requirements changed.

“The team at Spectrum understands innovation and so it was easy to work with them.”

Benefits and Results

Since receiving our fibre optic leased line Cortecs have seen an increase in speed which is at least 15 times faster than their previous service.

The new connection enables Spectrum Internet’s management training to operate far more reliable, enabling staff to work seamlessly without the worry of anything going wrong.

Helen Jones talks regularly to Spectrum about what the business is doing and, as a result, has also invested in VOIP telephony which has saved the costs on calls and runs over the more reliable fibre connection than copper wires.

“I like the fact that the team are readily available to speak to me or respond to my emails – it might seem a small thing but it makes a huge difference when you run a business reliant on technology.”

In Conclusion

By working with a local and reliable Internet Service Provider – Spectrum Internet – Cortec’s internet speed and reliability was a winner for them. The new system was set up quickly, clients were happier, as were staff.

Cortecs Cerebrol owner managing director Helen Jones
“When we are used to putting the customer at the centre of everything you do, you demand the same, even from the Internet connection supplier. With Spectrum Internet, we get this.”
Helen Jones, Cortecs Cerebrol
Cortecs Cerebrol