How to become a referrer

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  • Once we’ve received your details we will send you your very own unique refer a friend code so you can start spreading the Spectrum love

  • When your friend signed up with us, they will need to let us know your code so you can both receive your £50!

*Your reward will be credited once your account has been active for 30 days. Full terms can be found here.

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What is ‘Refer a friend/business’?

‘Refer a friend/business is Spectrum Internet’s referral scheme, which allows people to refer a friend/business to Spectrum in order to receive £50 credit each. Find out more about our referral scheme, here.

Does my friend have to take a 12-month contract?

To qualify in the refer a friend/business scheme and for the referral reward, your friend will need to join Spectrum Internet on a 12-month contract.

Why can’t I claim my reward as soon as I’ve successfully referred someone?

To qualify for the referral reward, the new account must be activated for 30 days. If the person you’ve referred terminates their service before 30 days, we cannot issue the referral rewards.

How will I know when somebody references my email when they order?

We will email you to let you know. We can only do this if your referred friend selects ‘I was referred’ in the order form and provides your email address as their registered referrer. This is how we track the referral back to you.

You’ll both get your referral reward once the new account has been active for 30 days.